Zoom anywhere zero-day defect in windows client

Zoom users publish the vulnerability running windows & before OS version to remote attack. This zoom videoconferencing platform affected by the zero-day vulnerability. It allows the attackers to run the command remotely for the attack on the machine. The fault force the devices on running windows operating system or earlier version. The company detects the fault and release it on Friday, where they mention version 5.1.3 stating the fault & fixes security matter affect the running windows 7 and older version.

The technical system mentions the uncommon vulnerability, and that is not assigned a common vulnerability. And it is first described by ACROS Security, exposure (CVE) is an identifier. This vulnerability gives permission for the remote attacker to execute arbitrary code on victims, where the Zoom customer for windows. After that, windows installed & client performs some action such as open a document file. When opening a document file, where the client didn’t get any warnings. And also, the user of the course of an attack, the statement mention ACROS.

The company noticed that issue, it exploited on Windows 7 or earlier versions. But, windows 8 & windows 10 are not affected. And also, it exploited on windows server 2008 R2 and older version. The management tries to research this very hard, then they get many Zoom attackers. And they try to solve the problem many times.

On last Thursday, the ACROS release the quick patch, which removes the vulnerability. And this micro patch available for every people. The company also shares the process of demonstration, cause users can easily trigger the vulnerability. In this pandemic condition (COVID-19) every company does its work from video conferencing apps, and they maintain the social distance. In case Zoom apps use everywhere and unfortunately, the apps are attacking the security and privacy lapses.

Zoom updates its privacy & security problem, and it will help all Zoom apps users. Nowadays, every user can update their privacy setting from the Zoom app setting. The company hopes that it will help them to get out of this problem.


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