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Instagram skateboarding star Zane Timpson cause of death! How did he die?

Instagram skateboarding star Zane Timpson is dead. Tributes have been pouring in on social media amid reports that Bones Wheels Team skateboarding star Zane Timpson has died. Instagram skateboarding star Zane Timpson has reportedly died at the age of 26.

Today i will share here Zane Timpson cause of death. How did he die? And also other important things about this Instagram skateboarding star.

Zane Timpson cause of death

Rumours are circulating on social media that the Californian native – who was a member of the Bones Wheels Team – has died but there has been no official confirmation from his family or representatives.

In an obituary published in Thrasher magazine, pal Adam Anorga said: “If you’ve ever seen his parts or were blessed with the opportunity to share a session with him, you were an incredibly lucky human being.

A second heartbroken follower added: “RIP Zane Timpson man, this is just so sad. We’re losing so many talented skaters lately it’s depressing. My condolences to his friends and family.”

More added: “there aren’t a lot of artists that inspired me like zane timpson. everything he touched — a camera, a skateboard, a poem, an empty room — became cracked sterling. gnarly & gorgeous. never seen anyone who had such widely transferable light. rip. life is f**ked sometimes” and “the loss of zane timpson makes me think once again how a lot of my idols and friends have passed so young.”


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