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Xiaomi Cas is upcoming smartphone, which aims for moon: Snapdragon 865 Plus, 48 MP camera and 120W fast charging system

Xiaomi work for the new smartphone, which is indicated by a recent Chinese 3C ratification. The new Xiaomi smartphone model number is M2007J1S, and later it discovers the codename as a Cas. And it turns on as a 5G device. This time, they set on this phone a 120 W super-fast charging system. And also, they set the processor Snapdragon 865/865 Plus. One great surprise is on this phone has triple 48 MP cameras, which make this phone more creative. They say that it can take a supermoon shot similar to a Huawei P30 Pro.

Recently, the Oppo smartphone brand announces that it will release the 125 W super-fast charging system. And this fast-charging system can charge a 4,000 mAh battery within 20 minutes. The Realme smartphone brand also announces that it will add the 125 W super-fast charging system on upcoming all the devices. We can notice that most of the smartphone brands try to add this superfast charging option in their every phone. And we can see these features on the Xiaomi smartphone brand.

There is no official announcement for this features. But, Xiaomi is working for the new flagship, after this news leak it thanks to the 3C certification. And there is a hint about the model M2007J1S, and we can realize that there is a set 120 W (6A 20W) charger in the phone box. Before time, we notice that it is similar to the MIIT phone list. In the new report, the XDA developers say this Xiaomi 5G phone codename is Cas. And it is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 and Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Plus.

For the first time, we think by check the code that there is a 108 MP sensor camera, but later we realize there is a 48 MP primary sensor camera, which is a new update. Xiaomi’s phone also has come with the optical zoom sensor, which is to make this phone more attractive.

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