Xiaomi allowance smartphone with Full screen display, and 108MP camera

The Xiaomi smartphone brand allowance all-around screen, and 108MP camera. On 12 July in Beijing Chinese smartphone manufacture, Xiaomi has announced that they release a new smartphone with an all-around screen. It looks like Mi Alpha with a single 108 MP camera. The Xiaomi submit the documentation in January, later they shared images. This news publishes by GizmoChina.

Most of the people waiting for these new smartphone features. In new times features, the main display flows overly outside. And go to for back panel it makes loops. There is another display, which starts from millimeters and when the first front ends, it starts from there. These features make this phone more special.

This phone has one power key button, and secondly, have one mic on the top of the phone. And also, there is a speaker on the bottom of the phone. Another great feature is the primary mic and USB Type-C port. Before time, the phone company launched another new dual-display smartphone with quad rear cameras set up. And this phone was to earn many positive reviews.

In this new phone patent, the primary display of the phone looks like another phone Ultra-slim bezels. And also, earpiece up top, the secondary display of this new Xiaomi phone as a small in size just like behind quad rear cameras. This is a very new expensive something for all the Xiaomi smartphone lovers. Everyone will love it so much. When the Xiaomi phone brand updates their news we will update it as soon as possible. So, stay connect with us.

Sameer Mitha

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