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XI Class Admission Result 2019-2020

Xi Class Admission Result 2019 has been published! After passing the SSC exam students get able to apply for the class 11. So, they need to follow some steps on applying for XI Class Admission 2019. After applying for the XI Class, students need to know the result of his/her admission. They have to know that, on which college they got admission. Now, here we are going to discuss XI Class Admission Result 2019. Students can get their 11th Class Admission Result 2019 on our website!

There is a simple way to get the result directly from online. The method of checking the XI Class Admission Result 2019 is fully described here. You must follow all of the instructions that are given down here! You need to ensure an internet connection to get the result from online.

XI Class Admission System 2019

The Xi Class Admission System is described here in short. You need to go to the web address of After that, you need to select your desired colleges name to apply for those. Before that, you need to send them money to apply for it. The money they will ask you to give is around 200 Taka. Learn more about the topic here – XI Class Admission System.

Ministry of Education Helpline

These numbers are available to take a call from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM. Make your call in this time and get help from the education board!

  1. 01789309980
  2. 01789028041
  3. 01751624444
  4. 01732487334
  5. 01710882956
  6. 01305703874
  7. 01304732196

XI Class Admission Result 2019 Publish Date

The result of the class 11 admission will publish very soon! The result publishing date is showed here on our website. The XI Class Admission Result 2019 Date is 10th of June 2019. This is the result date of the first merit. After that, the 2nd merit will start and that result will publish in no time. You should keep your eyes on our website regularly to get the result quickly and easily.

XI Class Admission Result 2019 – 2020

The 11th Class Admission Result 2019 getting processes are simply described below. The result will publish very soon.

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XI Class Admission Result 2019

First of all, you have to connect with the internet. Then visit to get your result online. Then you will find an option there asking you to show the result! You will find a button there titled “Result”, click on it. Now, you will see a page asking you for some information to input. Now, enter your “Roll No.” (e.g. 456789). After that, select your education “Board” name (e.g. Dhaka). Then select your SSC exam “Passing Year” (e.g. 2018). After all, enter your “Reg. No.”, it means Registration Number. After doing all the above processes enter the ” Verification” number and click on the “View Result” button. That’s all you should do to get your XI Class Admission Result 2019.

You should follow all these instructions to get your XI Admission Result. You can also do it by using a high-end smartphone. You just need to follow the above process.

You learn more about this post on our website. And you should keep visiting us to get the update news about the result.


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