Notice Notice Board 2022[All Notice] notice board is live now. Bangladesh has many other divisions. And Sylhet is another division in Bangladesh. This city has many other tourist spots on this Sylhet division. Sylhet was first established on 3 January 1782. And this Government Deputy Commissioner name Md Kazi Emdadul Islam. And this city’s total population size is 3957000. And its area is 3452.07. which is a big area in this city. Sylhet division divided with 30 Upazillas. This city has many other schools, colleges, majors, and many other universities. Which is a very famous city in Bangladesh.

Sylhet called another London City. Because it has many other tourist spots in this city. Such as the Jaflong river, and the big breeze in this city. This city has many other tea gardens. This tea supplies many other cities in Bangladesh. Sylhet has many other Notable people Whose are Shah Paran, Shah Jalal, Shah Abdul Karim, and many other people. This city situated in a north area which is nearby the Indian country. This City has a big polytechnical college on this here. This city has a big sports stadium. And which sports city name Sylhet. Sylhet covid-19 death report is 2197. This climate change is day by day. So this danger protected the government from this danger. Notice Board 2021

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According to this site, the Government gets a new notice for the Sylhet people. There have many other people who can not get any other notice. For this purpose, the Government takes more man work for this purpose. And these people supply the notice for the local people. And many other men who can get this notice for his home. Then he goes to the internet and searches the internet. What kind of notice do you want. Then you get all the notice information on this site. So this is my all notice of Sylhet Board.


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