www.dshe.gov.bd 2021 assignment 1st week (Class 6/7/8/9)

www.dshe.gov.bd 1st week assignment (Class 6/7/8/9). The Bangladesh Board of Education has published the first week assignment from sixth to ninth class. Today I will show you all the information and important topics of this published assignment. All the students from 6th to 9th class have to follow the notice of the assignment and submit the assignment correctly to their own school. Let’s take a look at the assignments on all subjects from Class Six to Class 9 in the first week.

The official website of the first week assignment of Bangladesh Board of Education has been published today. You can all download this assignment from the official website. These assignments are very important for everyone, so let’s take a look at today’s assignments.

www.dshe.gov.bd 1st week assignment

We will give the details of all the assignments here and the description of the official notice that has been issued. You can see the assignments of the subjects given from class six to 9 in the first week from here. So let’s take a look today and you can easily download from here.

Above we have given the information of published assignments from class six to ninth class. If you wish, you can easily download the assignments from number three. If you have any problems downloading the first week assignment, please let us know.

Another good news for you is that you will find answers to all types of assignments from class six to ninth grade on our website. You will get the correct answer by clicking on the link below. You can easily get the correct answer of the first week’s assignment from the link below. I hope everyone will be able to find the answers well.


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