Notice Notice Board 2021 [All Notice] Notice Board 2021 gives this site all updated information. Bangladesh association has built many academic fields in this country. So it is the best world-leading of Department of Public Health Engineering. It is the best academic association of local govt. This association was first published in 1936 in this department. And it is the next time built-in 1945 with add by sanitation service. When Bangladesh independent in 1971 then this time govt officer add by water supply and sanitation service to this Department. So that many people give for his power. In this sector, there have many facilities on this site.

Department of Public Health Engineering, in this sector there has many facilities. Such as there have built many pure drinking drinks of water and sanitation in many sites in the world. So that every people gets his own humanist. In this sector many Govt employers much hard work to reach pure water for the poor people. So that many people work for drinking water and sanitation in this world. So that no man can not without pure drinking water. At this time our country has many climate changes which are flat, cyclone, and many other dangerous things destroy in our country, At this moment the Govt employer and many other workers get pure water supply many people. notice board 2021

Now I talk about you Department of Public Health Engineering. And how can you get this all updated information on this website? On this website, you get all notice of DPHE. So if you want to get the all notice just visit this site-

In this link, you have got all information about the Department of Public Health Engineering.

According to the new syllabus, there have many facilities in this sector. At this time the government gives us many facilities on this site. They give the poor people many tubules, toilets, Sanitation, and many other things. The government gives many facilities at the present time. This you helped to make an easier so that every people get this product. If you want to know the all information about DPHE. You just log on to your internet. And you will see all information on this sector. It is just helping all the people.



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