Notice notice board 2021 [ All Update] notice board 2021 now available. Madrasah Education Board is the board that manages education in Madrasah, Bangladesh. Madrasah is one of the oldest educational institutions in the country. It was founded by Tipu Sultan Jami who was the ruler of Mysore and later in his state he elevated the status of madrasah to that of a university. The education board was started by Tipu Sultan Jami in this regard. Recently, some changes have come in the education syllabus and today madrasah stands among the top educational institutes in Bangladesh.

Madrasah Education Board has its official website, which has information about the various courses offered in the colleges. The school offering the degree in Madrasah has all the information about admission procedures, dates, locations, fees, student details, faculty details, etc. Information about the faculty and students can also be found on the website. notice board 2021

To get the full notice board. You have to visit this official website. Below i listed this official notice board link. You can Click on the link to the official notice board page.


Bangladesh Education Ministry has implemented some strict rules for madrasah institutions. New Notice Board for madrasah, curriculum and teachings is issued to all the teachers, supervisors and other educational appointees. There are certain strict regulations about Madrasah Education Board and about their proceedings. Any violation can lead to criminal prosecution. Now the Alim State Board has issued a circular regarding madrasah institutions in the state.


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