Notice Notice Board 2021[All Notice] notice board information is live now. Bangladesh has 8 divisions in the city. Dhaka is another division in Bangladesh. Dhaka is the capital city in Bangladesh. This is the big city all over the city. This city has many other economic, political, and cultural centers on this city. There has a big river which name is Borigonga River. Dhaka was first established in 1772 in Bangladesh. This city’s total population size is 12043977. And its area size is 1463.6 km. This city Deputy commissioner’s name is Md Shahidul Islam. And its District councilors name is Md Mahbubur Rahman. And its chief executive officer’s name is Md Mamunur Rashid. This city has some more information get to the below.

Dhaka has many other subdivisions. And its subdivision size is 46 Upazillas, 86 unions, 974 mazes, 1999 villages, 2 city corporations, 129 wards, and many other places on this site. Dhaka’s temperature is the maximum size is 34.5 and the minimum size is 11.5. Dhaka has more than 1200 mosques. on this city. This city has 3012 tempts in this country, 530 churches in this country, and 174 buddies tempt.

This city is the most commercial business city in Bangladesh. many people come to this country for work. And many students also studied in this city. Because I this city there big school, college, university situate on this city. Such as there has a big Mirzapur cadet college, Dhaka university, Sekh Hasina medical college, And many also more. Dhaka has many other tourist spots such as the Nondhon park, suffering park, Dhaka museum, Dhaka Criakhana. And many places situated in this city. There have many other governments and private hospitals in this city.

Dhaka covid-19 report in 2021 is 14778. This is a very big problem with this phone. So this time The Government take a good step for this purpose. notice board 2021

So let’s see all the notice board information on this website. If you want more information on this site then you go to the site. And visit this link-

On this link, You got all the notice information on this site.

So this time The government give a new notice from the all people. This gives much other notice such as student’s assignment. The government gives all assignments to any other students. And many other students get no notice from his board. If you want more notice on this site. Then you go to the internet search for what do you want. I hope you got all the notice information on this site. So here is my all notice information of Dhaka Board.


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