Notice Notice Board 2021[All Notice] notice is live now. Bangladesh has many other Divisions. Chittagong is another Division in Bangladesh. This city has many other historical places, educational systems, business purposes, and many other medical colleges in this city. Chittagong division first established in 1666. This is the second-largest city in Bangladesh. Chittagong is the second-largest city after Dhaka city. Chittagong city is a big population city after Dhaka. So it is the always ranking position in Bangladesh. Chittagong Divisional Commissioner is Md Kamrul Hasan. And its district council chairman’s name is Md Abdus Salam. This division’s Chief Executive Officer is Khondoker Johirul Islam. Chittagong Division’s total population size is 7616352. And its area is 5282,92 km.

Chittagong division has some more subdivisions. Which is 15 Upazilas, and 15 thanas on this division. Chittagong has many other Religion associations. And this city has 13148 mosques, 1025 Hindu temples, 535 Buddhist temples, This city has no other school, college, university, build on this division. Chittagong has a big university. Which is Chittagong university. There has Gochbaraia Govt college, Patiya Govt college, Chittagong cantonment public college, and many others. And their universities is Chittagong university engineering and technology, BGC trust university Bangladesh, International Islamic University Chittagong, and many other. Chittagong has a big Chittagong medical college. So all of us this division educational system is very nice. For this purpose, this second position is number Bangladesh.

On this city at present notice is covid-19 is 14778 death. And its lab test is 6670994. And isolation number of people is 187175. This city’s average death people is 50 people. If you get all the notice information just see to the below. notice board 2021

So let’s see how can you get all the notice board information on my website. Then you will get all information on this site. If you want more information notice just follow this link-

On this link, I hope you get all the notice information for 2021 on this site. You just follow this link and get all information.

According to this site here is another notice syllabus in Bangladesh. At this time The Govt employer gives new notice to all the people. But many people have not got this notice. At this time many students take studied any more. But Bangladesh Govt takes a good step for this student. So that many students get this notice. So how can get this notice? At first, you go to the internet. And search the internet for what do you want. I hope that has given many types of a notice on your board. It is helpful for every other person. At this, you got all the notice information on this site. So all of Chittagong is very nice and silences people. There have no dangerous people. All the city follows them. So this is all my all the notice information of Chittagong division.





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