Notice Notice Board 2021[All Notice] notice live now. Bangladesh has 8 Division. Barisal is another Division Of Bangladesh. Barisal is a big and beautiful place in Bangladesh. This city is most attractive for all the members. Barisal is the major city on the bank of the Kirtonkhola river in the south-central in Bangladesh. Barisal is the largest headquarters in the Barisal district. It is the oldest commercial sector in this country. This city first established in 1876. And its again city corporation built-in 25 July 2002. Barisal has 30 wards and 50 mohallas. This city has a total of 328278 people. Barisal has 2.48 lack voters in this city 20218. This city area size is 2790 km.

Barisal has huge historical places on this Division. This city notice board is very clear. You get all notifications in this city. This City has a big school, college, university, And many other things. Such as big Barisal University. This city many other colleges. Which are Amrita college, Barisal Cadet College, Barisal engineering college, and many colleges situate in this city. Barisal has a major number of Muslims Which are 89.30%, and others are other religions. All are peacefully live this city.

Barisal has a big airport hosting. So many people from another country go to this airport. This city has a big sports stadium on Barisal. This river port is the second number of rivers in Bangladesh. And it has a big road which is N8 highway road. Barisal city is the best and wonderful place in Bangladesh. This city covid-19 report in 2021 is 14778 people die in this city. Notice Board 2021

So let’s see this website and get you all the notice information of Barisal board. If you want more notice of your board just visit this site and go to the link-

On this link, I hope you got all the notice board information on this site.

So all over the people the Govt new notice for the Barisal people. This time many students have no studied at his home. But at this time they can get a notice for the student. So that no one goes to the danger. And many people have got no instrument from the Government. And this time the Government take s great step for the people. The Government takes a new employer for the people. so that they can go to any information for the people. If you want more notice. Just go to the internet and search for what do you want. So this is my all notice of Barisal notice board.


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