WWE Smackdown 2022 Friday night match Live Watch, TV Channel List

SmackDown has always been one of the best wrestling shows in professional wrestling history I’ve watched. It may not be as good as it was before, but everything it had established and built up for over 20 years are the things we tend to look back on the most. Stars like Kurt Angle, John Cena, and The Undertaker all made what it is today to give people like “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt, King Baron Corbin, and Roman Reigns a chance to continue. May not be the best now, but it’s always been a show that we can look back upon and enjoy.

Smackdown Live is the better show than Raw does. Despite Vince McMahon considering Raw as the flagship show, Smackdown needs to gain more attention for people to watch it. Smackdown was created in 1999 and it was named after one of The Rock’s catchphrases, ”Lay the smackdown.”

Smackdown is the A show in WWE. It has better promos, better wrestling and better storylines. With some of the best wrestlers in the world. It’s amazing. People like Bayley, Sasha, Aj styles, Jeff Hardy, Sheamus, Daniel Bryan, The Usos, The New Day, Miz and Morrison. So much more. It’s truly the best WWE show right now.

WWE Smackdown 2022 Friday night

WWE SmackDown live results: Roman Reigns and Goldberg go face-to-face. Stay tuned for WWE SmackDown results from the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans, LA.

O man, another Friday means another episode of WWE Smackdown. Tonight’s episode was taped last week, meaning we’re still suffering through the intolerable commentary pair of Michael Cole and Corey Graves. This may be the worst commentary booth in all major contemporary professional wrestling.

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WWE Smackdown Live Results

The episode has been taped as the Elimination Chamber is coming tomorrow and ensuring that the wrestlers are indeed rested and do not have to fly from the kingdom to Saudi Arabia for the same day’s ceremony. Tonight we’ve got a match for the Intercontinental title, a contract signing (nothing is called extension for content like signing a contract) Ronda Russey and the match between Naomi v. Sonia Devil and Charlotte Flair Elimination Chamber, one of Usos will wrestle one of the Viking Raiders, and the encounter between Roman Reigns and Bill Goldberg. My hopes for this particular Go Home show aren’t exactly high, but the performance can be good so let’s go into action.

TV Channel List

How to Watch WWE SmackDown:

Event Date: Oct. 15, 2021

Event Time: 8:00 p.m. ET

TV: Fox Sports 1


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