World Photography Day 2019 Poster, Photos, History, SMS & Quotes

World Photography Day 2019 Poster, Photos, History, SMS & Quotes. 19 August is World Photo Day. Everybody knows that as Photography Day. Every year this day has been celebrated by the people. But why people observe 19 August as a photography day? We will answer you soon. Read this full post to get the full details about this day. And we also add here Photography Day Poster, Photos, History, SMS & Quotes.

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World Photography Day History

Frenchmen Louis Daguerre and Joseph Nicephore Niepce announce this day in 1837. For Daguerreotype invention, they do that. And the French government officially notice that 19 august is photography day. For this day people arrange many more events where they show their best-captured photo. And it viewed in the global world. Below we added some awesome photography day phots and poster.

Photography Day Photos and Poster 2019

#1Photo day photos

#2world photography day poster #3Photography day photos #4 #5World Photography day

World Photography Day 2019 SMS & Quotes

People like to send wish by sending SMS & quotes on this day purpose. So we collect some World Photography Day SMS & Quotes 2019. And update in Below. Hope everyone like all.

  • “You don’t take a photograph, you make it.”- Ansel Adams
  • “Photography freely helps people to Watch.”- Berenice Abbott
  • Capture your everyone moment, And make it remember. Happy Photography Day!
  • Good photography can be mind refreshing way.
  • Stop the world and capture it!

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