World obesity day 2021 Themes, Quotes, Logo, Images, Status

World obesity day 2021 Themes, Quotes, Logo, Images, Status. Today this 4th March and globally observing World obesity day. Every year this important day has been celebrated. Today i will share some interesting facts about this day.

Who interesting to know about World obesity day. This post will be dedicated for them. Here given World obesity day 2021 Themes, Quotes, logos, Images, Status related important facts. So being connected.

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World obesity day 2021

Obesity is an epidemic in the United States. This condition puts people at high risk for serious diseases such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease. World Obesity Day, celebrated annually in March, highlights the environmental and treatment factors that contribute to high obesity rates. The day also sheds light on how we can all put an end to stigma.

World obesity day 2021 Themes

  • Understanding for every body…
  • Protections for every body…
  • Nutrition for every body…
  • Healthcare for every body…




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