World Mosquito Day 2019 Message, Quotes, Speech, Greetings & Picture

World Mosquito Day 2019 Message, Quotes, Speech, Greetings & Picture! On Tuesday, August 20 is World Mosquito Day! It observed annually. British doctor Sir Ronald Ross’s discover this day in 1897. And then this day observed every year on 20 August. This is not a normal day, this day celebrates for public awareness about Mosquito. Causes We know that Mosquito spreads harmful disease malaria. Which can kill a man definitely. On that, all step is important for every people.

There are many governments or no government organization arrange different type of event around this day. Mainly the event’s main intention remain on public awareness from Mosquito. They delivered some important speech like how to deal with malaria, or how many steps will try to the resistance it. In fact, they try to provide a proper guideline. Below we were given some important speech & quotes for World Mosquito Day 2019.

World Mosquito Day 2019 Message, Quotes & Speech

There are many people delivered an important speech about this day. And also say quotes. Below given some helpful quotes which need to know everyone.

  • Keep mosquitoes at bay to keep malaria away from your life.
  • Pay attention to resistance malaria and find out a good family.
  • You need to be a happy person. So be careful about mosquitoes & malaria. It gives you an extra safe life.
  • Health is wealth Everybody knows that. Own health, Own Care, Own Safety. Be aware of the mosquitoes.
  • Keep your environment clean so that one mosquito can’t breed. Just stop it. Then see how to benefit you will get! Happy World Mosquito Day 2019!


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