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Wiz Khalifa Net Worth 2022,Income, Age, Height, Weight & Contact Number

Wiz Khalifa is a rising star in the rap game. With his two self titledEP’s and the well-received “Manifesto”, he is quickly garnering a legion of fans. In this article I wanted to take a deeper look at Wiz Khalifa’s music and his overall persona. Wiz has been called many things including: the face of hip hop, the new millennium king, the next urban legend, the voice of tomorrow, the voice of hip-hop and much more. This article will provide insight into the real person behind the sound heard on his songs and hopefully inspire other artists to explore their own voice.

If you were to chart the beginnings of how popular and influential Wiz was in the industry and how that impact continues to this day, it would likely place him in the same tier as Jay Z and 50 Cent. It is safe to say that without Wiz Khalifa, hip-hop probably would have taken a very different form. To date, Wiz remains the only artist to have charted over one million notes in a single week, something only two other artists have accomplished. So is Wiz khalifa the new generation’s answer to the superstar?

 Wiz Khalifa Full Biography

Full Name Wiz Khalifa
Net Worth $60 million,
Date of Birth September 8, 1987
Age 33 Years
Contact Number Unknown


One of the reasons that Wiz has gained so much popularity is his unique musical style which he states is influenced by both classical and hip-hop music styles. The smooth, mellow voice that Wiz exhibits makes him sound almost like a normal human being with no accent or distinct musical signature. On top of this, wiz khalifa is also a very skilled rapper with a polished flow that is rarely heard on mainstream radio today. His music is considered underground, yet the sound quality of his songs is usually quite clear. According to him, his songs are usually lost in translation when played on mainstream radio, something that critics have generally agreed upon.

Wiz has gone from strength to strength since he began producing his first full length album called Whatever was supposed to Be Never Coming. While this album didn’t do very well commercially, it did go triple platinum. Then in the summer of 2021, Wiz Khalifa went on to record his second album Black Smoke. It was then that fans began to expect more from the “king of rap”, and his subsequent singles, Black Magic & Black Ice turned out to be some of the most popular albums of the year.

Now that he has broken through the barriers of the traditional rap world, will Wiz remain at the top of the net worth charts next year? With so many new artists coming up and established rappers like 50 cent and jay z more experienced than before, I have a hard time believing that he can’t stay at the top. In fact, after listening to his recent album Black Smoke, I really feel that there could be a break through. His voice is clear and there is some sense of style to it, which many rappers don’t have. This new artist could be the next breakout star.

If this new American rapper does as good of an album as fans are expecting, then he could hit the six-figure mark in the sales charts very soon. It’s very easy to see Wiz Khalifa climbing to the top of the Wack charts once again. He has built a large fan base through steady music and an appearance on Jimmy Fallon, where he talked about his relationship with hip hop and rapping. He has also made numerous guest appearances on the Jay Z and Biggie records as well as doing several shows on television. The only real question is whether or not he can maintain that level of stardom for the long term, but with the success of his debut album and the buzz of his performance on Jay Z’s radio show, I have to assume that he has a chance.