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William Net Worth 2022- Height, Weight, Salary, Age & Biography

William deVry is best known for his role as Jiminy Cricket on Canadian television series The Good Wife. William is most famous for the character he plays on this show. William deVry is thirty-one years old and currently has not been married since he was eighteen years old. William’s acting career spanned four decades and five countries. His notable films included Arleuxville (Movie), The Bodyguard (Movie), Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure ( Film), Men in Black II: Day of Heroes ( Films), etc.

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William Net Worth

William Net Worth is $30 million.

William’s net worth is currently unknown. William deVry’s salary as an actor can vary from six thousand dollars per episode, according to some sources. William is currently married to actress Rebecca Staab, with whom he has been filming the upcoming film No Ordinary Family. All of this is known however, from what William himself has stated in interviews.

William Full Biography

Full Name William
Net Worth $30 million.
Date of Birth June 21, 1982
Age 39 Years
Contact Number Unknown

How much does William deVry make in a year? William is currently making approximately one million dollars per season, according to his own statements on various web sites and blogs. This amount has been cited by producers and network executives in an attempt to illustrate the incredibly high standard of the work William does each day. It may be hard to imagine how a twenty-five year old man with virtually no formal acting experience makes over one million dollars per season, but William deVry certainly displays dedication to his craft, which is a great quality. William is also known for the unusual characters he adopts in his roles, many of which are very unique.

Who is William deVry? William Dever, Jr. was born in Beverly Hills, California, to parents who were both actors. The family had an unusual situation: both mom and dad were famous stage performers, while mom was a director. William used this stage experience to form a relationship with actress Summer Shields, who was one of the few women to ever audition both boys in the same role. Their friendship and onscreen chemistry soon made them well known as well as the couples have had a son together, naming him William Devry. It was this relationship status that would catapult William into his starring role on the series Seaquest.

So, how does William deVry net worth? Judging by the multi-million dollar contracts he is now getting, it seems that William is at least making something in his career as an actor, even if it is not as big as he once was. It must be noted, however, that there are many actors with much bigger paychecks than William who also have lengthy resumes. For that matter, there are also many other actors with lengthy resumes who are lesser known. What William deVry has achieved thus far is quite impressive, though, and will likely continue to rake in awards for the rest of his acting career.

The recurring role ofnikita on the Canadian comedy series Insomnia also may have helped boost William’s willowy physique, which can be seen in the cover of his latest photo shoot. The show has been very successful, and spawned two follow-up seasons, though a third season is still in the works. As with any other star who is making television shows, William deVry net worth will rise as season three progresses.


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