When is lockdown in Bangladesh? Lockdown in Bangladesh today news

When is lockdown in Bangladesh? Lockdown in Bangladesh today news.

The government has decided to enforce an all-out lockdown nationwide from Thursday (July 1) and the ‘limited scale’ lockdown will be in effect from Monday (June 28).

The decision was taken from a high level meeting chaired by Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan on Saturday. According to those who attended the meeting, public transport will be suspended from Monday.

Additional secretary of district and field admin branch of cabinet department SK Rafiqul Islam told the Daily Star this evening that a nationwide “complete lockdown” will be imposed from Monday (June 28) and not from July 1 (Thursday).

Under this guideline, public transport to Bangladesh will be suspended. Factories, especially export-oriented factories, may be exempted from the ban. According to those attending the meeting, banks were also likely to work on a limited scale.


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