What happened to Gabenotbabe? Gabenotbabe death reason

The tiktok star’s death was caused by a car accident in San Antonio, Texas on September 26, the following comments were made on social media. The famous TikTok star was 19 at the time of his death.

Gabenotbabe’s car accident footage video explains: Gabenotbabe has died a tragic death. The man also known as Gebe died in a car accident recently.

His friends and fans have used social media to express grief over the death of their loved ones. His real name is Gabriel Salazar. Who was an American TikTok star and a content maker.

Gabenotbabe Car Accident eath

People have been paying tribute on the internet, he died at a very young age and it is just sad to see. There is no update on the accident so far, how it happened, whether anyone else was involved in the accident.

And many questions will be answered by the authorities as the investigation progresses.

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