What Happened on Palm Sunday?

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Palm Sunday is Palm Sunday, not Easter, and so when I tell you what happened on Palm Sunday it is a Palm Sunday story. I call it that because I don’t think of Easter as a “church” holiday, even though I do not celebrate Easter. If I did, I could explain what happened on Palm Sunday to illustrate that point. I can tell you that the story begins on Palm Sunday morning. You probably already know that.

I was walking in the garden one morning with my young son, Aidan, when I noticed that there was something missing from where we had walked earlier in the day. Something was missing. I looked up and down the path that we had walked and saw a small figure sitting on the path. It was sitting at the end of the path. It was moving slightly back and forth.

It was not moving smoothly though. It was swaying a bit, but more importantly, it was being tossed about and being stepped on. What happened on Palm Sunday?

When I asked people what happened on Palm Sunday, almost all of them said that it was the most amazing thing that ever happened to them. Some said it was a vision, others a feeling, but most said that it was a paranormal event. They were not sure how to explain it, or if it was real or just a fantasy, but they wanted to believe that it was real because it was so real.

That was my problem, too. I could not understand what happened on Palm Sunday because there were no witnesses. I did see what I thought was a ghost, but I did not have a clear idea of what it was until I started talking to people who were alive at the time. When I told them what had happened, they were very confused and didn’t know what to think.

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I do not believe that a spirit has to come from the dead, just as I don’t believe in ghosts. But when I was walking along the beach and I suddenly saw a figure in the water in the same area where I had walked before, it was real to me and so was the other people who saw it with me that day. There are a lot of stories about Palm Sunday and ghosts, but most of them are just legends. I know that the Palm Sunday Lights is real because there are many documented cases and the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers have evidence too.

There is no proof that anything happened on Palm Sunday, but some people swear that it did. Some Christians say it was the Holy Spirit. There are even some who say it was the Virgin Mary. I really don’t care which one you believe, as long as it’s true. What matters is that there were Lights, Uproots, Lights on Palm Sunday.

I guess you can’t prove that what happened on Palm Sunday is something supernatural, but it sure as hell happened! The Palm Sunday Lights is alive and well, growing in popularity as more people begin to identify with them. The next time you walk on that shining beach, look up. You may just see them shining! They are not just stories people tell you, but actual facts.

Some people will tell you that the Palm Sunday Lights is nothing more than urban myths, but I have seen proof. For example, the Union County courthouse in Georgia has a huge display of all the Palm Sunday Lights that have been lit over the years. The display includes every county in the country. The most popular county around are the ones that have a high Christian population. If more people knew about what happened on Palm Sunday, maybe fewer would have been burned at the stake.

Did the devil come along to test our faith or was it something else? I personally think that it’s more likely that what happened on Palm Sunday was just a miracle. Many denominations, religions, and church groups consider Palm Sunday to be a day of great celebration. Even so, I really don’t think that God intended for our lives to be like that.

If you’re really open minded, you’ll learn a lot from Palm Sunday Lessons. You can learn that we are loved and missed on Palm Sunday. You can learn that there is a God who cares and He wants us to remember that. In addition, you can learn that there are resources to help you cope with the pain and confusion of what happened on Palm Sunday.


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