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US Representative Jackie Walorski was killed in a car crash on Wednesday, according to her office. Representative Walorski, 58, was a republican congresswoman from Indiana. She served on the House Ways and Means Committee and was first elected to represent Indiana’s 2nd Congressional District in 2012.

Prior to that, she served on Indiana’s state legislature for three terms. The two-vehicle crash occurred in her home district and killed two other people in the vehicle. A 55-year-old woman in the second vehicle was also killed, The AP reports.

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Jackie Walorski Car Crash

Rep. Jackie Walorski and three other people died in a fatal car crash Wednesday, according to the sheriff’s office of Elkhart County, Ind.

The Indiana Republican was a senior House member, her party’s top member on the House Ethics Committee and a member of the Ways and Means Committee. Her communications director, Emma Thomson, and Zachery Potts, her district director, were also killed in the accident, the sheriff’s office announced, as was the driver of the vehicle that collided with theirs.

Video About Jackie Walorski Car Accident

She’d been set to take on a leadership role on the Ways and Means Committee if Republicans took back the House in November. She would have overseen the worker and family support subcommittee.

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