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Video: Hero died after jumping into River Thames to rescue woman

The heartbroken family of a young man who died attempting to save a woman from drowning in the Thames say they hope an inquest into his death will lead to him being awarded a posthumous medal for bravery.

Folajimi Olubunmi-Adewole, 20, known as Jimi, has been hailed a hero for plunging into the water on his way home from a late shift in April as he heard screams for help from the river.

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Hero, 20, died after jumping into the Thames to rescue woman who fell from London Bridge as she screamed ‘help me, I can’t swim’ – despite onlookers begging him not to go in the water, inquest hears

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  • Folajimi Olubumni-Adewole jumped into River Thames near London Bridge
  • He was one of two men who dived into the river to save a woman who had fallen
  • Woman was heard shouting ‘help me, I can’t swim!’ at midnight on April 24
  • Mr Olubumni-Adewole ignored members of the public advising him not to go in
  • An inquest was opened into his death at Southwark Coroner’s Court on Tuesday

Jimi’s father Michael Adewola (left), 63, and his mother Olasunkanmi Adewole, 54, (centre) said they are proud of their son (right) for trying to save another person’s life – but they are devastated by his death.

Pictured: A police boat on the River Thames with London Bridge in the background during the search for the man who jumped into the river to save a woman.

The two men then ran down steps towards the river bank and were seen ‘talking to each other and getting undressed’, the court heard.

Dr Morris said the woman was ‘around 40 metres away’ and the witness recalled hearing members of the public ‘shouting not to go in’.

However, they saw a man jump into the water who ‘appeared to be a good swimmer’.


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