US Rapper Travis Scott’s Concert News

8 People Dead at Astroworld Music Festival –US Rapper Travis Scott’s Concert News

8 People Dead at Astroworld Music Festival –US Rapper Travis Scott’s Concert News.

8 Die, Many Injured At US Rapper Travis Scott’s Concert Amid Crowd Surge.

A crowd of 50,000 people attended US musician Travis Scott’s Astroworld music festival in Texas The panic erupted when the crowd pushed onto the stage, leaving eight dead and many injured.

Los Angeles: At least eight people were killed and a number were injured in a swarm in the Astroworld music festival in the southern US state of Texas on Friday night, officials said.

Houston Fire Chief Samuel Pena said the incident was reported at 9:45 midnight, at which point “the crowd began to condense toward at the rear on the arena”.

“That created a lot of panic, and then it began causing injuries. People started to collapse, fall unconscious, and this caused further anxiety,” Pena said at the press conference held in front of NRG Park.

Astroworld Music Festival News

“We have more than eight deaths this evening, and scores of people who were injured,” he said, saying the cause of the death can’t be determined until the medical exam is completed.

“We took seventeen patients into the hospital… eleven of them were suffering from cardiac arrest,” he said.

Nearly 50,000 people made up the crowd in attendance at American musician Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival, Pena added.

Scott was performing on stage when the incident happened and had to stop his performance at several times when he noticed people in distress on the stage the Houston Chronicle reported.

8 People Dead at Astroworld Music Festival

Houston police announced that they were looking into the causes of the incident that resulted in mass casualties, and were looking into footage from the arena.

“Over an interval of few minutes, we witnessed a few people in the dirt suffer from some sort of cardiac arrest” the police Chief Larry J Satterwhite said, noting that they later spoke with the concert’s organisers, and the concert was cancelled.

US Rapper Travis Scott’s Concert

The festival was later cancelled by authorities. was pulled and will be canceled on the Saturday.

Video footage taken at NRG park that was circulating on social media shows scores of people who were rushing through the gates, with security guards at the gates not able to control the crowd.

There were reports of several people falling over, knocking down the metal detectors near the arena’s entry point, however it’s not clear if that incident is connected in any way to deaths.

But, officials said that over 300 people had been injured during the day during the festival, including those who sustained minor bruises and scrapes.

Astroworld is an event for music that was created by Scott and first launched in 2018.

The 29-year-old rapper who has a son with famous fashion model Kylie Jenner, made his breakthrough in 2013 and has earned the honor of receiving six Grammy nominations.

Other acts that were scheduled to perform at the festival throughout the weekend included hip-hop duo Chief Keef and 21 Savage and Tame Impala, an Australian rock group Tame Impala.

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