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Upay App Download – send money, recharge, payment, utility

Upay is a safer, more effective way to pay for goods and services while you’re on the go. The app uses innovative technologies like blockchain that can’t be hacked or tampered with by hackers – making every transaction secure from start to finish. In this digital age where we live in our phone’s screens 24/7, it only makes sense that people would want an easier payment system than cash when they need something new!
Cashless transactions are also far cheaper as merchants don’t have the couriers cost of delivering change back and forth – Upay saves time (and money) all around!

Upay is a digital payment system owned by United Commercial Bank Limited (UCB), Bangladesh. Upay has been implemented to promote cashless and universal i.e. anytime-anywhere payments using mobile phones in Bangladesh. For the first time ever in Bangladesh, Upay uses the most innovative and reliable technologies like Blockchain and QR or Quick Response Code to secure all financial transactions.

Customers can use Upay to make payments for goods/Services from Physical/Online Merchants. S/he can also make consumer, corporate and government payments (e.g. mobile recharge, bill payment, money transfer, ticketing, loan repayment, inward remittance, insurance premium, payment of salaries, social benefits etc.), purchase of digital cheque for gifts and payments, redemption of coupons/vouchers/reward points. In a nutshell customers’ existing mobile device would become the medium of payments. S/he does not need to carry Cash or Card for payments. To summarize the power of convenience that Upay offers to customers, following are some of the main value propositions.

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Upay App Service List

● Digital Payments. Cashless/card-less transactions using digital devices
● Mobile Payments. Use of smart mobile phone (both Android and iPhone) for payments
● Universal Payments. Anytime-anywhere many-in-one payments
● Direct Debits. Make payments directly debiting accounts or digital wallet or credit card
● All Payments. All payments involving consumer, corporate and government
● Innovative and Reliable Technology. Highly secure transactions using Blockchain and QR Code Technology
● Faster Transaction. No long queues – faster than card transaction
● Lower Cost of Transaction. No cost to the consumer. Much cheaper for corporates & merchants

Upay App Download

You can download it from the google play store. Below i added this app play store link. then download link followed by you.

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