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Travis Scott Net Worth 2022,Income, Age, Height, Weight & Contact Number

Travis Scott the famous recording artist has made quite a bit of media news recently by becoming Bachelorette celebrity. Many outlets have reported that Travis Scott is single again after getting out of a long term relationship. The question then becomes, how much of this is true? Can Travis Scott really be this rich? In this article we will attempt to provide an objective look at Travis Scott’s net worth and income.

Travis Scott net worth approximately $4 million dollars. Full name Jcquest Webster Jr., age 28 years old. Born in Houston, Texas. Parents N/A

As previously mentioned Travis Scott is a multi-millionaire but his real wealth is in the music industry. He is certified co-owner of The Travis Scott Foundation, which is a charity that raises millions of dollars each year for charities. Travis Scott was co-owner with DJ Pauly D and Cashmere Cat on Scottair Records for over ten years. This made Travis Scott one of the biggest hip-hop recording acts in the world.

Travis Scott Full Biography

Full Name Travis Scott
Net Worth $50 Million
Date of Birth April 30, 1992
Age 29 Years
Contact Number Unknown

The Travis Scott Foundation was recently sold to a philanthropic group called philanthropic asset-building. Scott and Pauly D are still involved in the running of the foundation and they plan to continue doing so in the future. The Gates foundation has pledged almost four million dollars to help with various projects in Travis Scott’s hometown of Houston.

Travis Scott was raised in Houston and is the son of a single mother. He was not always the well-off child that is seen in the press with a million dollar plus mansion. In his early days as a recording artist he was forced to sleep on a suitcase in a dumpster behind his grandmother’s house because there was no where else to live. Now he has moved into the penthouse suite of a million dollar studio owned by hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons and is listed as the second richest musician in the world according to Forbes Magazine.

While it is impossible to project the exact value of Travis Scott’s music career based on this information at this time it is safe to assume that he is no longer just a rising star in the hip-hop industry but instead is in danger of becoming the first major artist to achieve crossover success in the United States and Canada. This could only happen if he can translate his ultra modern style of rapping with a sound that listeners both young and old can relate to. His current manager Todd Rimes believes that if Travis Scott follows his current trends of recording with top producers that he will soon be a rap sensation. He recently produced the platinum and red rap single “Scott Mescudi Vs The World” with J. Money and Pusha T. Travis Scott also have the distinct voice of Cash Money and is on the verge of earning a platinum record with his latest single “Xxplosive” featuring Travis Scott. If he can continue to carve out new and unique sounds with his unique lyrics and performances in the studio, it is very likely that Travis Scott will join forces with other rap heavy-weights like Kanye West and Lil Wayne in the near future.


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