Travis Scott spits on fan and incites crowd to ‘f*** him up’ in shocking footage

Travis Scott spat on fan and incited crowd to ‘f**k him up’ after he tried to steal Yeezys off his feet when the star crowd surfed during 2015 performance in Switzerland

  • A video has resurfaced showing the incident from Switzerland in 2015
  • Scott is shown shouting down the microphone at OpenAir Festival in St. Gallen
  • ‘Get that motherf***er, get him,’ he is heard shouting while pointing to someone
  • Scott, 29, has a history of inciting mayhem at his notoriously rowdy concerts
  • An Astroworld festivalgoer has filed a lawsuit against Scott and special guest Drake for over a million dollars, claiming they ‘incited the crowd’
  • The fan also accused the rappers and festival producers of negligence
  • Scott previously pled guilty twice to disorderly and reckless conduct charges
  • In one 2015 show, he told the crowd: ‘Let’s go. Come over. I want chaos’
  • Eight people died at a stampede at his Friday night concern in Houston, Texas
  • The Grammy-winning rapper said he was ‘devastated’ and ‘could never imagine the severity of the situation’ in an Instagram video Saturday

Full Footage   

A video has resurfaced showing rapper Travis Scott inciting a crowd to ‘f**k up’ a fan who attempted to take his Yeezy trainers while he crowd surfed in Switzerland.

The incident, widely reported at the time, occurred at the OpenAir Festival in St. Gallen, Switzerland in 2015 with video from the stage showing Scott’s outburst.

Scott, born Jacques Bermon Webster II, is facing criticism over his interactions with crowds after eight fans, including a 14-year-old boy and a 16-year-old girl, were crushed to death at the Astroworld Festival on Friday night.

Scott, 30, continued to perform for up to 30 minutes as people were killed and crowds chanted ‘stop the show.’

The show was called off 30 minutes before schedule, but half an hour after a ‘mass casualty event’ had already been declared by the fire department.


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