Top New Games PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC Release On July (19-25),2020

Every week releases the top new games. And this week you will don’t go to any features. This episode feature is many such as 8-bit Panzer Paladin, bloody Carrion, snow cover Roki. But Nintendo Switch proves their power by Crysis Remastered, and another thing is Dying Light gets another new Hellraid DLC. Now, if we talk about the Panzer Paladin, this platform puts you in the control stage. In this game, a small pilot can manage the 17 stages. And also, the pilot can bring the reach heat level. When you are in the game field, you can steal your enemy’s weapons.

And, you can use them against your enemy, and you can free powerful magic by snap the half weapon. There is 100 more than a way to face them. If we talk about the Crysis Remastered, one time Crysis became top of the line PC. And also, it take the place after the delay. The remaster coming after switch on When you explore yourself in the game field that time you can use every weapon against of battle enemy & all the aliens.

And your superpower suit can gain your power more strong. If you talk about the Carrion, people also call this game as a reverse horror game, cause the main character is a monster. In this game, your work is you need to escape from the scientist & the Guard’s torture. And when your size grows big at that time you can get revenge from them, also you can gain your power. But, who are Xbox subscribers, they can jump on the first day.

Now, if we talk about the game Dying Light: Hellraid, once a time the game was totally different from Techland. After that, a few years later the game studio renews the game as a DLC for the Dying Light game. When you step into a tower at that time you can behind the street. And also, when you run with the tower, you will level up and you can get new weapons. And you can use those weapons in the main game.


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