Top 5 Best Smartphones in 2022

The mobile phone is the most essential thing for us! We cannot go a day without it. We need the smartphone anywhere anytime. So, it becomes important to choose the right phone for use. Befbuying buys a phone we should look at its performance,  how much the battery backup, storage, camera, RAM, etc. Choosing the best smartphone is so difficult. So, now here we are trying to help you to choose the Best Smartphone in 2022.

There are so many smartphones, so it’s so difficult to find the ideal smartphone. We are recommending here the Top 5 Best Smartphones in 2022. Choose your desired phone from here!

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Top 5 Best Smartphones in 2022

The top smartphones list is here, view all the mobiles here and choose your desired! You don’t need need to look anywhere else. The list is below-

Serial No. Mobile Name
1 Samsung Galaxy S10e
2 iPhone XS Max
3 OnePlus 6T
4 Honor View 20
5 Google Pixel 3

This table’s content shows us the Top 5 Best Smartphones in 2022 around the world! You can take these phones from anywhere. Cause these smartphones are available in all country. Now, we are going to describe these smartphones in short.

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Top 5 Best Smartphones in 2022

Samsung Galaxy S10e

Now Samsung Galaxy S10e is the Top No. 1 Smartphone in 2022! It’s trending all around the world for its great feature!

Display Size: The Galaxy S10e has a display size of 5.8 inches.

Internal Storage: The internal storage is different in two different versions which are 128GB and 256GB.

Main Camera: The main Camera of this mobile is dual one is 12MP and the other one is the 16MP camera.

RAM: RAM is also different in two different versions, one is 6GB with 128GB storage and the other one is 8GB with 256GB storage!

Battery: The battery is 3100mAh.

iPhone XS Max

The iPhone XS Max is one of the best top smartphones which is ranked 2nd in the Top 5 Smartphones in 2022 list!

Display Size: Display Size of this phone is 6.5 inches.

Internal Storage: It has three versions all have different storages which are 64GB, 256GB, and 512GB.

Camera: The main camera is dual, both of the cameras are 12MP with different features.

RAM: The RAM of this smartphone is 4GB, the RAM is Apple A12 Bionic

Battery: Battery is 3174 mAh which backup up to 79 hours of phone talk in 3G.

OnePlus 6T

The OnePlus 6T mobile’s rank is number 3 on the list, it is also a good phone.

Display Size: 6.41 inches is the display size of the OnePlus 6T smartphone.

Camera: It has a dual camera with 16MP and 20MP. This is the main camera of the mobile.

Battery: Battery backup is 3700mAh.

Storage: Storage is also different in two versions one has 128GB and the other one has 256GB of storage.

RAM: The RAM 6/8GB with the 128 storage version and 8GB with the 256GB storage version.

Honor View 20

It is ranked top 4 in Top 5 Smartphones! The Honor View 20 also has some good features.

RAM: 6/8GB for 128GB storage and 8GB for 256GB storage.

Storage: Storage is also different in each version one is 128GB and the other is 256GB.

Main Camera: It has a dual camera one is 48MP and the other one is TOF 3D stereo camera.

Display Size: 6.4 inches as the display.

Battery: The battery is 4000mAh.

Google Pixel 3

Google Pixel 3 is the last phone in the list above. But ranked top 5 worldwide. Its features are below.

Storage: It has two versions with the internal storage one is 64GB and another one is 128GB.

RAM: the RAM is 4GB for this phone.

Camera: It has a single camera of 12.2MP on the rear side.

Display Size: 5.5 inches is the display size of this phone.

Battery: 2915mAh is the battery.

So, these are the latest top smartphones in 2022. The Top 5 Best Smartphones in 2022. Choose your ideal smartphone from here and buy it!


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