Tecno Spark 7 Pro Price in Nigeria

Tecno Spark 7 Pro Price in Nigeria & Specification

Tecno Spark 7 Pro Price in Nigeria & Specification is reveling here. Officially announce a date with full information discussed in this article.

The latest handset from the Tecno series, the tecno spark 7 pro has been designed keeping in mind the requirements of women. As such, it is extremely compact and can easily be worn on a daily basis. The device is also water-resistant, with a long talk time and an impressive range of connectivity options like USB and Bluetooth. Along with this it comes with advanced voice recording and calling applications. All in all, this smartphone from tecno comes with all you would expect from one of its counterparts in the high end market.

Tecno Spark 7 Pro Specification

For example, the tecno spark 7 pro prices in Nigeria will be selling at a price that reflects the superior connectivity features as well as the advanced voice recording feature that are packed in the package along with a high capacity memory card, a micro-SD slot, and a sleek and stylish looks. As for the mobile phone colour options, the tecno spark 7 pro comes in Ocean Blue, Dynamic Orange, icy white, Ice Gray, and Comet Black colours. This is apart from the unique model code number which is also printed on the SIM card. Given that the handset is provided at an attractive price, the tecno spark 7 pro reviews will focus on how this handset fares against its competitors.

It’s interesting to note that the tecno spark 7 pro is pitted against some of its contemporaries in the high end segment of the mobile industry. For example, if we look at the closely fought battle between the Sony Ericsson XPERIA Arc and Nokia E71, which comes with a price of around Rs 200, we will see that the E71 has several mobile service provider and network providers like Vodafone, Virgin, O2, Three Mobile, and Orange all providing it with network coverage. The question on our minds then becomes, can the tecno spark 7 pro, which comes at a much lower price, match up to such a huge amount? Answer: Yes. However, the real test is not in sight until we can compare it with the other phones like the iPhone and the HTC Desire.

Tecno Spark 7 Pro Price in Nigeria

According to official sources Tecno Spark 7 Pro price is 65,000 Naira. At this price, people can buy from an authorized stores. 

With all the talk of a price cut, we should be able to conclude that the tecno spark 7 pro does not have a single defect. It has a non-removable Li-po battery, a micro USB data cable, a high capacity memory card, a 1 mega pixel LCD screen, a non-slip grip, a standard headphone jack, and a standard VOIP phone set up. Apart from these, it comes complete with Windows Mobile interface, a five-year contract period, free mobile insurance, free text messages, free MMS, a one-month trial of Microsoft Office, and free line rental. In case you are wondering what the benefit is, there is no doubt that the tecno spark 7 pro has everything that any tech phone user would desire.

As a tecno spark holder, I have been looking for the perfect phone, which at the same time is affordable to all Nigerians, especially those who do not have a lot of disposable cash in their hands. The tecno spark 7 pro prices in Nigeria is just the right price, as it has all the basic features and yet is affordable. Even if you were to have to pay more money for some of the add-ons, like the data cable or the micro USB data cable, it would not add up to the tecno phones pricing, as the total cost would not be high. This is the perfect example of how the economy as a country has affected almost every sector, even the ones that are considered as luxuries by most people.


Even though the tecno spark 7 pro comes with a lot of accessories, it is still manageable despite being expensive. The price is definitely within reach, as it is very reasonably priced. The best part is that all the items have a warranty, which lasts for a year. You can always go back to the shop to get them if you were not satisfied with them. In case you were not able to check out the online shops, then you can also look for them in your phone nearby shop.

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