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Sylhet Govt High School Admission Circular & Lottery Result 2021

Sylhet Govt High School Admission Circular & Lottery Result 2021.first all of the thanks for visiting our site. Today we have come up with an important issue. Dear reader, you are already aware that there has been a huge loss in the education system due to the Corona situation across the country. Already we have all noticed various changes in the education system. Many such important tests have been canceled. Following this, the government of Bangladesh has taken a decision that admission will be done through a lottery. So the admission of all classes of Sylhet Government High School will be done through lottery.

Since no final exams were taken in the class, almost everyone passed. So everyone will be admitted to the new class through the lottery. Sylhet Government High School is a reputed school. It started its journey in 2013. Then this school continues to spread its fame and glory through various achievements. At present, a high level exists in this school. Lakkatura is located in the heart of Sylhet city. And this school will catch your eye first if you go to Lakkatura. So let’s start today’s topic without delay.

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Sylhet Govt High School Admission Circular 2021

Sylhet Govt High School Admission Circular 2021. If you want to apply at Sylhet Government High School then you have come to the right place. Because only through our post you will know how you can apply for admission in this school. Changes have been made in the admission system for the Corona situation. So what you need to get admitted in Sylhet Government High School or when the application is going to start, you can easily get them in our post.

You can also get any information regarding admission here. You must follow a specific notification to be admitted in Sylhet Government High School. And in this notification, all the information related to the lottery will be given. In fact, these different arrangements have been made for the Corona situation. So watch our content carefully to get all the information regarding Sylhet Government High School Admission Circular 2021.

Sylhet Govt High School Lottery Results 2021

Sylhet Govt High School Lottery Results 2021. Due to the current situation in Corona, everyone is aware that the Ministry of Education of Bangladesh has postponed the examinations of all classes of secondary. Instead of testing, everyone has been assessed through class assignments to prevent corona infection. And after this assessment, the new class is being admitted through the lottery. So keep an eye on our page to know all the results of the Sylhet Government High School Lottery.

The Corona situation has caused irreparable damage to the country’s education system. Therefore, our Hon’ble Minister of Education is making various efforts to make up for this loss. So we welcome this new type of educational activity. And stay with us to get any updated information related to the education system


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