Swedish tech company Tobii publish $229 eye tracker it may improve the gamers skills

New eye-tracking technology has helped every people by giving medical help autism, traumatic brain injures, and ALS. And also, help for amyotropic lateral sclerosis, and communicate with other people. Swedish build up the new Tobii technology, and it is a global leader in the transformative field for eye tracking. There is various type of device not only medical also for gamers, who use the most popular game such as Fortnite and League of Legends, the technology looking to detect this process.

Tobii release on June the latest Tobii eye tracker 5, which fee is $229 and it improve very much. The new Tobii eye tracker builds their patterns by algorithm with a camera, a player can enable the software to select the direction. And also, it will help a player to track the player eye, where their head, how they behave, and find out their blind spot.

If anyone lost their gaze, they can easily detect again the eyes again. Head of the game Tobii told to CNN business, the technology helps the Counter-Strike: Global offensive game & others. The organization earns last year $163 and it is more than 9% from the previous year after adjustment the currency. Tobii eye tracker 5 has a series of sensors & two cameras.

It must be attached by magnetically and has a monitor, which connect the USB plugin. And it will ask you to stare some specific point for your gaze. We try to able the technology for a try, cause improvement the game skills, then we realize that my slow movement of eyes creates a problem. And also, we try it into some initial setup, where we realize that the tracker is not enough strong and magnetic strip also. That’s why falling down my monitor.

At last, we try it again. And we understand that it improves the game skills very much. So, you can try it for your game improvement. It is the best Tobii tracker 5 technology.

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