InformationNews Corona Vaccine Registration link Corona Vaccine Registration link. is the official website for Corona Vaccine Registration. Day by day coronavirus disease is increasing. At this current situation, the Bangladesh government take a lot steps to fight corona.

According to a Trusted source, the government decides to push the corona vaccine to the people. And who is under age 25 they can’t take tis vaccine. And above 25 years old public can get free Vaccine from the government. To be eligible for this program must have NID and Vaccine Registration certificate. Corona Vaccine Registration

Today I share here how to apply for a free Corona Vaccine. Already everyone knows that, all people need fill up the Corona Vaccine Registration form via online.

Already Ministry of Health and Family Welfare announced the App and website for vaccine registration.  And the app is available for Android mobile phones. The app name is ‘Surokkha”. Get it on Google Play Store.

So let’s see how to apply online for Corona Vaccine registration. is the official website link. From this link everyone applies for Corona Vaccine. If you are eligible for vaccines then visit this link. And complete the registration process.

The process of receiving the Covid-19 corona vaccine

Online Registration– First, through this portal, you will complete the registration online by verifying the National Identity Card and the correct mobile number.

SMS Notification– After registration online, you will receive a message on your cellphone, namely, the date of vaccination and the name of the centre.

Vaccination at immunization center– In case of receiving a message on your cellphone, the vaccine card will appear in the immunization center on a specified date with the national Identity Card and Consent Card and receive the Covid-19 vaccine.


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