Suddenly Youtube and Gmail Down

YouTube, the world’s largest video sharing platform, and Gmail, the world’s largest Miladunnabi platform, have recently gone down. It is unknown at this time what caused YouTube and Gmail to go down. A few days ago, after such problems, Facebook and Messenger were closed for a long time due to the rain in Serbia.

The idea is that YouTube and Gmail will be back to normal soon. Probably due to a server update, no videos are being viewed on YouTube. For the same reason, no customer can send a package email to Gmail.

Such problems have not been seen before and their authorities have not given any kind of forecast that their servers will be shut down or their survey work will be done. So maybe many users are down on YouTube thinking they are facing various problems and they are wondering if the kidney is damaged or not. No worries, soon the Young Gmail Authority of the Year will not leave them easily, hopefully it will return to its previous state and be as active as ever.


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