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Star Winter The Dolphin Dies- How did he die? Shocking video

The lead character of the movie Dolphin The Tale, Winter the dolphin has passed away due to an illness. The tests conducted earlier this week revealed that she was suffering from a stomach illness that was getting worse in the opinion of the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. The bottlenose dolphin died on Thursday.

Winter 16-year-old Winter was preparing for a procedure at the time her physical and mental health were declining as the Florida aquarium reported in its web site. She died around 8 p.m with her caregivers.

“While we’re grieving over the loss of Winter, we feel at peace knowing that our team took every step to ensure she had the best chance of survival. We collaborated with specialists as well as marine mammal experts across the country to ensure she was provided with the highest quality of care,” Dr. Shelly Marquardt made clear in her statement.

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The dolphin first became aware as distressed on November. 1. She was not interested in eating and her symptoms increased despite treatments.

Winter was a part of the film Dolphin Tale as well as The 2014 movie Dolphin Tale 2. featuring Harry Connick Jr., Ashley Judd, and Morgan Freeman.

After being taken captive in a trap line in the year 2005, the dolphin lost its tail. The dolphin was provided with an artificial tail to replace it.

“Many are impressed by her resilience and this incredible response is a reminder of the extent to which she’s impacted millions of people, not just those who are on their own health journey,” the aquarium said in a press release.

The aquarium will remain off the market on Friday in order to allow staff members to grieve. The aquarium will reopen on Saturday, and arrangements for the memorial ceremony will be announced in the near future according to the aquarium.

“The CMA team expresses our sincere gratitude for the many people across the globe who have sent loving messages to us in the spirit of Winter,” the aquarium declared on Thursday. “She truly gave hope as well as was loved by millions around the world.”


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