Soup Swap Day 2020 History, Activities, Celebrating Idea

Soup Swap Day 2020 History & Activites. Saturday 18 January 2020 is Soup swap day. Every year this day is celebrated by the people.  Today I will share all kinds of information about this day. You will know complete information from here.

You will get here-

  • Soup Swap Day History.
  • Soup Swap Day Activites.
  • When is this day celebrate?
  • How to celebrate and more kinds of information.

We discuss every topic step by step. So that, interesting people easily know about this day. In fact, a complete event guide is given here. Let’s see.

Soup Swap Day
Special Soup

Soup Swap Day History

Once upon a time, a gentleman started this event named is Knox Gardner. He was in Seattle. And there live one friend of this guy. Suddenly, they generate a plan. And they decided they will make some Special soup every year on that day. Since then two celebrate this day as the home event. The news was once spread across the country. And then some interested people celebrate this day every year.

This is an unofficial holiday that started in January 2006 from the United States.


We know that this a family event. So on that day, the family member makes some special soup. And it serves to the friends and also a family member. Some interested guy, arrange a home party to celebrate this. There is no special activities available for celebrating this day. It only depends on ownself.

How to Celebrate

You can celebrate this event by following many various tips. Here is some unique and traditional tips-

  • Make hot soup. And invited your relative to eat this.
  • Arrange the midnight party.
  • Arrange some special event at home.

There is many types way you can follow to celebrate Soup Swap Day 2020.


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