Sonali Bank Life Insurance Millionaire Scheme. Account registration App Download

Sonali Bank is a Bangladeshi Largest Bank. Which under the Bangladesh government.  Every user can now register in a bank account by app. According to Sonali bank author source, we found an eKYC system App is available for the user.  By downloading the app a user can easily do registery in bak account. Below we added this insurance app downloading link. Just click on the link and Install the app. After downloading the bank insurance account creating an app. Then follow our instructions for creating a free bank account. Any enjoy unlimited many opportunities and rewards.

It provides Corporate Banking, Project Finance, SME Finance, Insurance, Remittance, Lease Finance, Consumer Credit, Trade Finance, Loan, Syndication, Foreign Exchange Dealing, International Trade, NGO-Linkage Loan, Consumer Credit, Investment, Government Treasury Function, Money Market Operation, Rural and Microcredit, Capital Market Operation, Special Small Loan, Government Treasury Bonds, Locker Service, A.T.M. Card, Utility BillsCollection, Ancillary Services and also Merchant Banking service.

Recently It announces Millionaire Scheme. On that project, people get 10 million BDT winning opportunities by registered Life insurance.  This is the biggest opportunity ever for people. Today we will share here everything about this process. How to join in this project and more information in detail.

Millionaire Savings Scheme accounts, the monthly savings account or in a different form, like the DPS calculation. With a certain amount of monthly installment where the term (eg 3/5/7/10 years) at the end of 10 million (ten million) to be rich.

Features of Millionaire Savings Project Accounts (Insurance)

1. A certain amount of installment money has to be deposited every month for a certain period (eg- 3/5/6/10 years).
2. You have to deposit the installment within a certain date every month.
3. At the end of the term, you will own one million rupees.
4. If you fail to deposit one month’s installment, you can deposit the next month’s installment with a small penalty. However, if you fail to pay three consecutive monthly installments, the bank may close your account. In that case you will get real money back and you will get interested/profit as per the policy of the concerned bank.

5. The number of installments and interest/profit rates may vary from bank to bank over a period of time. Find out from the concerned bank how many years you will own 1 million (one million) with how many installments in a bank. Insurance
. Usually, up to 80% -90% of the deposit amount can be taken from the bank for special needs.
. If the account can be closed before the specified period, you will be paid profit/interest as per the policy of the bank.
. Generally, you can open as many millionaire savings project accounts as you like in any bank.
9. This account can be opened in own name or joint name.
10. This account can be opened on any working day of the month.
11. This account can be opened by either individual or corporate body.

Sonali bank Life Insurance Profit and Time Details

How to Open Sonali bank Life Insurance Account Online

Interested People now can open Sonali bank any Account like- insurance, personal, business, saving, and another account from online. Recently it launched a App, from that app a user can easily open accounts from home. This eKYC system is available for everyone. Below we provide this app download link, just click on the link and download app. To opening an account follow their instruction.

Sonali Bank eSheba app Download link

Sonali eSheba app install link we put in below. Just click on the link and found the app. Just download it and install.

App Download Link

Just Download this app After downloading this app, you will get full instruction.


Hope That everyone now can create their own account by this system. For more information visit at Sonali bank official website. You may ask for Sonali Bank Life insurance, Insurance profit, Insurance details, Insurance all kinds of information. Hope you will get the all Insurance related info from them.


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