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Solution Class 9 English Assignment The Story of Lipi / Nila & The Ferry Boat

Solution Class 9 English Assignment The Story of Lipi / Nila. If you are seeking the real solution of Solution Class 9 English Assignment. Then this post is only for you. Recently Bangladesh education board made a decision about class 9 students. They declare to write assignments for every school student and for each subject. So due to coronavirus, all tuition or coaching center has been stoped. And students didn’t find any help with their education. So a huge number of students get troubles when they solved their questions. It negatively affects their mind. So we are come here to help about the Class 9 English Assignment. 

Here is the complete solution of Class 9 English Assignment all stories and for full weeks. Right now 1weekassignment is running. Their 1st-week English assignment task about write stories of Lipi, Nila, The Ferry Boat, and Responsibilities. Below add all stories solution in detail.

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The Story of Lipi / Nila

As per as education board requirement students need to wirte 10 sentences about The Story of Lipi / Nila. And every sentence should be unique and meaning full. No, any unnecessary word included in it. Below given 10 sentences about Lipi/Nila you can use it as your Class 9 English Assignment.

The Story of Lipi / Nila

she wanted to pursue his higher education. Sapphire is the eldest of three daughters and two sons out of five children. Her father was a day laborer who worked on another man’s land and her mother was a housemaid who worked as a part-time worker in another man’s house. The mother, in particular, found it very difficult to raise five children with less than what her parents could afford. Her father knew that Alam had decided to marry Neela, the only son of a well-to-do farmer in the village and an illiterate man.

But Sapphire wanted to realize her higher education and could not make the decision of her parents. Therefore, he enlisted the help of his classmates who later reported the incident to the headmaster of the school. The headmaster called a meeting where he invited the members of the school’s steering committee and Neela’s parents to the meeting. Later, Neela’s parents understood the matter and announced the end of the marriage. Now Sapphire is going to her school every day with friends

The Ferry Boat Story Solution

The Ferry Boat


Is there anyone here who has ever crossed the river by country boat?” Jamil said, “I have a teacher. “And I clearly remember what happened on that ride.” Would you please tell us what happened? “Okay, teacher. It’s okay, teacher. It happened when I was in Class I, when people were returning with their shopping bags and baskets in their hands, shoulders and heads on the weekly market day. They had to cross the river.”

Here are the two stories 9 English Assignment solution. Hope every student get help from this post. If have any question kindly comment through your problem. Thanks for reading.

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