Singer Andrea Martin cause of death! Unexpected death news

We are sorry to announce the passing of the legendary R&B producer, singer and songwriter Andrea Martin aged 49. However, there is no information published to clarify Andrea Martin’s death cause however, we hope you’ll remain with us.

Soul singing and songwriting legend’s death announcement was made the 27th of September 2021. Ivan Matias, her long-time writer friend Andrea Martin’s passing information on Facebook with the following message: “Rest In Paradise Andrea Martin.

She passed away too quickly. We all are unique in some way but Andrea Martin was extraordinarily special. Her passion was evident in every song and lyric she gifted us with. Our connection was a beautiful connection.”

Andrea Martin cause of death

The latest update on Andrea Martin’s story was continued “Andrea will always be remembered for her passion and dedication to her family and friends. Her impact will continue to be felt and heard for a lifetime. We thank you in advance for your condolences, love, compassion, and understanding during this time.

Please limit calls as we are trying to finalize arrangements at this time. Once finalized we will be sure to post arrangements. Forever a legend April 14-September 27.” Her cause of death has still to be discovered.


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