Sean Wainui Cause of death- How did he die

Chiefs, Bay of Plenty and Maori All Blacks back Sean Wainui has passed away in a crash in Omanawa close to Tauranga early on Monday morning.

Bay of Plenty officers released an early morning statement stating that one person died in an accident involving a single vehicle in McLaren Falls Park.

Police were informed that a vehicle had struck a tree about 7:50 am. A family member has confirmed to NZME that father, 25, Wainui drove the car.

Sean Wainui Cause of death

The only person in the vehicle passed away on the spot. Police from the Serious Crash Unit attended the site, and investigations into the causes of the accident are ongoing.

Sean Wainui dies in car crash

He’s being remembered as a brilliant player with a huge following with his fellow players as well as the rest of the rugby world.

The driver, who was 25 years old, died when the car struck a tree in McLaren Falls Park in Bay of Plenty the morning of.

Police reported that the crash took place around 8:15 am and an investigation was being conducted.

Police were informed that a car had smashed into a tree around 7.50 am.

The Serious Crash Unit attended the site and investigations into the cause of the accident are ongoing.

Wainui was signed by the Chiefs in the year 2018 and played in 44 games with Hamilton’s Super Rugby franchise, having previously played for the Crusaders.[]

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