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(Seasons Five – Eight), his stint as a judge on Dancing with the Stars, and most importantly as a voice-over artist for popular animated movies such as Shrek. As an entertainer, Sean John Combs trivia should include his decades-long association with America’s favorite children’s television show, The Disney Channel. He has been in the spotlight for decades as one half of The duo, Foopy and Sesame Street. The character of Jim, portrayed by John Seave, became a fan fad for parents in the USA and UK and Sean John Combs trivia would not be complete without the mention of his work on The Big Bird show.

Sean John Combs trivia must also include his role as Frank, a famous writer for Seinfeld, which made him famous. He has also won a string of Grammys and has been nominated four times for Academy Awards, most of which were for songs. As well as being an accomplished musician, Sean John Combs trivia should take into account that he was also an accomplished screenwriter, having written all of the music for both Seinfeld and Friends.

Sean John Combs Full Biography

Full Name Sean John Combs
Net Worth
US$740 million
Date of Birth November 4, 1969
Age 51 Years
Contact Number Unknown


Sean John Combs is a very richly gifted performer, but like so many before him, was unable to make it big in the business, despite the huge popularity with audiences in the USA and UK. The music that he brought to the screen was far more unique than any other American rapper before him and it was this talent that led to Sean John Combs net worth being so high. He has never appeared on a UK chart and has always sold out arenas wherever he goes, drawing huge crowds and fans to his concerts year after year. In fact Sean John Combs trivia should always be seen to include the fact that he is one of the most popularly known rappers in the world today.

Sean John Combs started his career when he was just 18 years old and was playing in a band called Mount Everest. Sean John Combs rose to prominence quickly after breaking up with the band and going solo, signing to Atlantic Records where his career began to prosper. His first major hit ‘Bodily Clarke’ was recorded by Cash Money Records and was a huge hit in America and England. The song went to number one in the US and England. He also went on to form the group Akon and has gone on to record several more hit singles, including ‘Eminem’, ‘Xxplosive’ and ‘Relax’.

Sean John Combs net worth is believed to be in the region of seven figures, having recently bought a small apartment in New York City. He lives in a multi-million dollar home in the hip hop district of Manhattan’s Upper East Side, overlooking Central Park. Sean John Combs uses his famous Instagram account to keep in touch with fans and snap pictures of the apartments and various other things, including his new apartment. The pictures are captioned with text such as ” Sean John Combs New York apartment. Enjoys the fresh air and feel of New York.”

So, there we have it. Sean John Combs is using social media sites to supplement his income source. Sean John Combs is an example of the type of independent artists that can thrive online and make a nice income from their careers.