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Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi Net Worth 2022,Income, Age, Height, Weight & Contact Number

Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi was born in Southern California. He is described as “a shy, bookish kid with a love of music and books” by his mother. When he was three, his parents divorced and Scott moved with his mother to a small ranch in central Oregon called Rockaway, which is where he now lives. At age four, Scott began to develop an interest in music and taught himself to play the guitar. By the time he turned six, he began to write his first few songs.

Today, Scott has achieved success in several fields. He is the president of the Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi Foundation, an organization that provides funds for schools in need and helps artists reach their potential. The foundation raises funds through the selling of artwork and memorabilia. It also provides opportunities for kids to pursue a career in music or to open their own record labels.

Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi Full Biography

Full Name Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi
Net Worth
$6 million
Date of Birth January 30, 1984
Age 37 Years
Contact Number Unknown


As you probably know, Scott also tours the country performing his original songs and has even opened for artists such as Stained and Luther Vandross and has opened for such well-known acts as En Vogue, Ashanti and Ashoka Airlines. Scott has also released a number of albums that have reached the top of the charts in both popularity and sales. As of this writing, he has sold more than one hundred and twenty-two songs in the United States alone.

If you look at Scott Ramon’s net worth, it is difficult to see where all of his income comes from. His main living dependents are his mother and stepfather. His stepfather earn a combined income of forty thousand dollars a year and his mother earns thirty-eight thousand a year. His brother, Mario, earns another eleven thousand dollars a year. These earnings do not include the hundreds of thousands of dollars that Scott and other musicians earn from their records, live performances, and various other means of promotion.

Scott has mentioned that he would like to one day be able to quit his day job and use that money to start a business of his own. His current jobs include being a personal assistant to his mother and a caretaker for his father. His other means of making money includes working as a dishwasher and a waiter. This information does not come close to explaining how he makes all of his money.

According to Scott, his real income comes from selling his music and his art on the Internet and from recording one hundred and twenty-five songs in his own band. According to him, he has yet to write any of his own songs. The one hundred and sixty songs that Scott has recorded have earned him an estimated six million dollars. This is not far from the numbers reported by other artists who have super popular careers.


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