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Roddy Ricch Net Worth,2022,Income, Age, Height, Weight & Contact Number

Roddy Ricch may be a name familiar to some readers; he’s the famous singer and actor who has spanned three decades of touring with such diverse musical acts as Aerosmith, Motley Crew, Sky and many others. His musical career spanned parts of four decades, where he reached the peak of commercial popularity, but his association with the arts was actually much longer. As a child growing up in Hawaii, he was obsessed with the arts and this led to a lifelong interest in reading books, which led to an early fascination with acting. He would also learn to surf and build sand castles, all of which contributed to his later passion for music and sound.

Roddy Ricch trivia, height, age, full name and Wikipedia info! Roddy Ricch trivia is fascinating and educational, as his full name Roddy Ricch was revealed in the mid 90’s when he finally went public about his legendary status. A multi-millionaire since then, Roddy Ricch can be found touring the world, hosting his own radio show and now he’s established his own record label. Roddy Ricch income, full name, Wikipedia info and biography can be found at the link below. He’s been nominated for Grammys on four occasions, including Best Rapper twice.

 Roddy Ricch Full Biography

Full Name Roddy Ricch
Net Worth $10 Million
Date of Birth October 22, 1998
Age 22 Years
Contact Number Unknown


Roddy Ricch Net worth, age and height are unimportant, as he’s become established as an entertainer. Roddy Ricch has released five full length albums, as well as a number of mixtapes and specials. His fifth album, titled “Look at Me Now,” was produced by the well know producer Danger Mouse. Alongside tracks from the aforementioned “Look at Me Now,” the album received positive reviews from all music review magazines. Other Roddy Ricch singles include hits “Reelin’ in the Years,” “Cigarettes In The Shower,” and “Come On, Let’s Go.”

Roddy Ricch has achieved popularity because he is a unique blend of musical talents, good looks, charisma and a no nonsense attitude. He is not exactly a traditional musician like albums with production by Dr. Dre or Russell Simmons. Instead he has created a persona for himself, which has allowed him to develop a large following of fans. His distinctive voice is what initially draws people to Roddy Ricch, as they listen to his words and enjoy his delivery. Some of his popular songs include, “Who’s Your Daddy?”

Known colloquially as the West Coast Rapper, Roddy Ricch’s real name is Ricky Richert Roddy Ricch. He is a founding member of the crew called The Re- unfocusedRange crew along with Eazy-E, Chamil and Jesus Ceasar. Roddy Ricch is considered to be a mentor to many up-and-coming rappers in the hip hop industry including: Eazy-E, Pharrell, amarose and Nelly. He has produced and mixed albums for many popular rap artists such as Jay Z, 50 cent, Lil Kim, 50 cent II, ScHoolboyz and Chamila.

Roddy Ricch has earned an estimated six-figure net worth and is probably one of the most famous rappers in the world today. His real name is Roddy Ricch and he is from the west coast of the United States. Over the years he has built a sizeable body of fan base, which includes several Hollywood celebrities. His latest album titled Feed Thy Heart has already proven to be well worth the hundred dollars price tag that Roddy Ricch has set for it.


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