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Rod Beattie Net Worth 2021- Income, Biography & Salary

Rod Beattie is a well-known television actor in the Canadian television industry. He is the eldest son of a former first lady of Canada, with whom he had several children. Beattie attended grade school in Scotland, the Universitya of Toronto and London University, where he pursued acting. Beattie has appeared in such popular television shows as Invictus, Deadwood, Smallville, Parks and Recreation and Father’s Day, just to name a few.

Rod Beattie Net Worth

Rod Beattie Net Worth is $1-5 Million

Rod Beattie’s net worth was estimated by the Inside Television Clocks, in 2008. According to the inside television clocks, Rod Beattie is a popular designer of clothes and apparels for infants, children and adults. His clothing line entitled Rod Beattie: International Style has been very successful, selling in various outlets around the world. His net worth was also calculated in this study by the Inside Television Clocks; it was estimated that Beattie rakes in about $15 million annually from the sale of his clothing. His official Instagram account is also popular, with almost thirteen thousand followers.

Rod Beattie Full Biography

Full Name Rod Beattie
Net Worth  $1-5 Million
Date of Birth 1948
Age 73 Years
Contact Number Unknown

According to Oprah Winfrey, Rod Beattie is one of her favourite actors and she considers him to be very talented. Rod Beattie’s official website can also be visited for more information on his earnings, tours, acting abilities and other credentials. There is also a biography on Rod Beattie, which provides background on the entertainer’s life and career. One of Rod Beattie’s famous quotes is, “My only regret is not having more kids”. This saying seems to sum up what many other actors have to say about him; however, Rod Beattie did sign up for twelve more films, however, these were not successful.

Rod Beattie’s official Instagram account is gaining popularity and his fans are flocking on it to get more information about Rod Beattie. His profile on the social media site says he is a loving husband to his wife Corin and the proud father of two daughters. The profile shows that Rod Beattie is very humble about his earnings and how much he loves his family. A Rod Beattie biography reveals that the entertainer loves to work with his children and help them out with their homework.

Rod Beattie was seeing at the Howland Chamberlain exhibition in London, UK in 2004 where he was promoting his footwear brand Beaute Claire. An interview was conducted with Rod Beattie where he spoke about his work and how his shoes are different from most others. Rod Beattie’s net worth was discussed and as per the study, it was estimated that he makes approximately Rs 45 million annually from his various businesses. Beaute Claire is said to be one of Rod Beattie’s best selling products, which is based on high quality fashion footwear. The biography also says that Rod Beattie has also been involved in acting, being a judge in the British film industry and hosting his own reality TV show.

Rod Beattie’s official website has pictures of him performing live at places like the Reading festival and his appearance on American chat show American Idol. The website also includes information about his shoe size and gives his estimated net worth. These days, it seems that every actor is involved in some form of social media networking. So, based on what we know about Rod Beattie’s net worth, his income and his passion for acting, it is safe to say that Beaute Claire may be worth buying for your child!


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