Robi SIM 5 crore Internet Offer ! Enjoy Free Internet

Robi SIM 5 crore Internet Offer. There is a piece of good news for all Rubi SIM users. And also, Airtel SIM users can get this offer. Robi sim reached 5 crore subscribers. That’s why they arrange a big offer. At the celebration, they will give you every subscriber up to 5 crore MB.

Who can get this offer?

If you have Robi SIM or Airtel SIM. Then you can able to get this offer. And if you don’t have any Robi SIM. Then go to any Robi SIM point. And Buy a Robi
SIM or Airtel SIM.

How much MB can get one user?

Robi authorities reached 5 crore users on October 16. That’s why they offer every user to get up to 5 crore MB. So you can get various type of internet package without charge.
If you want to know more about the 5 crore MB offer. Then read the post with your full attention. Because now I am going to share get 50000000 MB tips.

Robi free internet offer

Is it not an amazing offer for everyone?. It is a new offer and everyone will love it so much. Robi SIM always provides the greatest internet offer. To celebrate the 30 million user occasion. They give a great opportunity for everyone. So, now we are going to showing how to get free internet advantage.

Robi 50000000 MB offer

This internet offer will be able for every day. But there is a condition. You need to buy an internet package. Then you can able to enjoy this offer. So let’s talk about some information about the internet package.

How to get Robi free MB offer

We will give you the easiest process to get the Robi free internet offer. First of all, if you get a Robi internet any package. Then they will send you a free internet offer. Ruby authorities will give everyday 5 crore MB. So, if you want to know properly which package will give you to large free internet offer. Then go to the Robi website. Here we discuss some internet package.

Robi 5 crore MB free internet offer code

Maybe you are looking to get a 5 crore MB free internet offer code. But it is sorry to say there is no official code to get a free internet offer. But you can get a free internet offer by dialing USSD code. And you can get a free internet package by directly recharge.

Robi 5 crore MB terms and conditions

01. You have to buy an internet package to get this offer.
02. And this offer will work for Robi users and Airtel users.
03. You need to complete the rules of the Bangladesh telecom regulatory commission.
04. To get this offer, every user should have an active Robi SIM. Otherwise, they cant able to get the free internet offer.

Important note

This offer is very important for every user of Robi & Airtel. If you are interested to get the offer. Then always activate with us. When we get any official announcement. We will mention it on our website. And share the post with your all friends.

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