Robi Internet Offer 2019 – All Data Packages!

Robi Internet Offer

Robi is one of the leading popular telecom company in Bangladesh! Now, Robi is getting popular day by day. Now, about 44.225 million people in Bangladesh continuously using this SIM. Also, it is the age of information. All around the world peoples are exploring information everywhere online! So, they need an internet connection. If they want to get a connection with the internet they need to buy data packages! So, here we are sharing all the latest internet data pack of Robi! We have brought this information only for you in order to help you! Read this post till the end to get all the information clearly. Don’t waste your time anywhere else to find these Robi Internet Offer 2019!

Robi Recharge Internet Offer 2019

Here we are trying to provide all the best Robi Internet Recharge Pack 2019. To make these offer available you have recharge the amount that is needed for purchasing the pack! It can be an easy load or something else, just you need to recharge the amount! You may be here searching for Robi Internet Recharge Offer 2019!

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Robi Internet Offer 2019

Robi 150 MB 3 days

There is an offer of 150 MB which will be valid for 3 days. To activate this offer you need to recharge 23 Taka.

Robi 3 GB 41 Taka Offer

Robi has a great internet package of 3 GB. In this pack 2 GB is for using as regular data pack and the rest 1 GB is for 4G users only! The offer will be validated for 2 days after the purchase! Customers should recharge 41 Taka.

45 MB for a Day of Robi

Robi users can take this mini data pack only for 13.39 Taka. This packed volume is 45 MB. The validity of this internet pack is 1 day. You need to recharge only 13.39 Taka to activate this offer!

1 GB 45 Taka by Robi

Robi has declared another amazing internet offer! Which is 1 GB data only for 45 Taka. The data will be valid for 7 days to use after purchasing it! *123*1024# is the activation code. Take the offer now before it disappears!

1.5 GB 7 Days for Robi

In this pack, users can enjoy 1.5 GB internet. They will also get 500 MB data for free with this pack! The pack will expire after 7 days after the purchase! The cost is 101 Taka only! The activation code is *123*101#.

Robi 4 GB pack + 500 MB Bonus

In this pack, the user will get 4 GB data and 500 bonus! Just for cost 179 Taka. The offer expiry date is 7 days! If you want to activate it simply dial to *123*179#.

Robi 4 GB Pack

Robi had another 4 GB internet data pack! There is a condition in this offer and that is 2 GB is of 4 GB is for regular use and the rest 2 GB is for 4G use! Its price is only 108 Taka. Validity is 7 days and the code number of activation is *123*0108#.

Robi 6 GB 129 Taka!

If you want to buy this package, you will need to spend 129 Taka. The 6 GB data has conditions, one of them is 3 GB for regular use and the remain 3 GB is for 4G users only! The package validity is 7 days. The activation code number is *123*0129#.

Robi 10 GB 199 Taka

Robi has another exciting data pack for 7 days! This 10 GB pack also has two conditions applied! The first condition is 7 GB of it is for regular use and the remain of 10 GB (3 GB) is for 4G use! The activation code is *123*0199#. The package purchase rate is 199 Taka.

Robi Bondho SIM Offer 2019.

You can call it Robi Unused SIM Offer 2019, here we are sharing the offers for unused Robi SIM. Robi some cool data offers for unused Robi SIM! You need to recharge the amount of money that is set for the offer. The offers are here below.

2 GB for 7 Days in Robi

The data pack is 2 GB. It is available for unused SIM only. This offer will be valid for 7 days after the purchase! To activate the unused data offer you have to recharge about 100 Taka only.

1 GB 29 Taka of Robi

Robi has another awesome 1 GB internet pack for unused SIM card! The pack volume is 1 GB and the validity for this offer is 7 days! One can take this offer only by spending 29 Taka. To activate this offer you have to recharge 29 Taka.

Robi Internet Bundle Packages 2019

The Robi also have bundle internet packages! We have also shared the Robi New Internet Offer 2019. There are so many offers waiting for you to take! Robi Bundle Packs 2019 is listed here!

Robi 1 GB 98 Taka Bundle

This is one of the popular bundle offers of Robi. The bundle has 1 GB internet data with 250 MB of bonus data. In this pack, you will also find 50 minutes of talk time, and 100 SMS. Validity for this offer is set to 7 days. The cost is 98 Taka only! The activation code number is *123*098#.

Robi 10 GB bundle!

The Robi has another great internet bundle! In this bundle pack, 10 GB of data is available and 8 GB of Data is for free! 1000 SMS is also available and 1000 minutes of talk time. It will be a great deal if you buy it! Just you need to spend about 1489 Taka only! The offer will be valid for 30 days! To activate it now dial to *123*01489#.

Robi 30 GB bundle pack

The Robi has started this great offer for its users! Users are able to take this offer at any time! The pack data volume is 30 GB and there is 20 GB data bonus available for this offer! 2000 SMS is also with this pack and 2000 minutes of talk time is available! The pack validation is 30 Days. It will cost you about 2989 Taka. *123*02989# is the activation code number!

Robi 3 GB Package

In this package, buyers will find 3 GB data pack and 500 MB of data for free! Also, the pack has 150 SMS and 130 minutes of talk time! To activate the bundle dial to *123*0249#. Validity is 7 days and the price is 249 Taka only!

Robi 3 GB + 150 Minutes Pack

The package holds 3 GB data pack. In this pack, you will get 1 GB internet data bonus! Also, there are 200 SMS available in this pack and 150 minutes of talk time. Its price is 489 Taka and the validity is set for 30 days! You have to activate by dialing to *123*0489#.

Robi Mega Internet Pack 2019

The Robi has also mega internet data packs! We have the latest internet offers of Robi mega internet packages for months! To get these offers, read it carefully and dial to the set code number! The list of these Internet packages is below!

Robi 20 GB Pack

This is one of the mega data packs of Robi. The package data volume is 20 GB! If you get it now, you will get 10 GB data extra with this 20 GB! The offer will valid for 30 days after buying it! The value of this mega pack is 996 Taka and the code number is *123*0996#.

Robi 2 GB Video Streaming Pack

Robi has another cool internet pack but the pack can only be used as a video streaming pack. Yes, it is a video streaming pack. The pack volume is 2 GB and the validity is 2 days! The cost of this internet offer is 27 Taka only! Dial *123*027# number to get the offer.

Robi 7 GB 30 days

Robi has another amazing mega pack! The offer will be valid for 30 days after the purchase. The offer value is 889 Taka. The pack volume is 7 GB, with this offer users will also get 3 GB bonus! Also, 500 SMS and 500 minutes talk time! The Activation number is *123*0889#. Dial now to make the deal.

Robi 2 GB 30 Days

The pack is 2 GB and will be validated for 30 days! With this offer, 1 GB of data is for free! The price is 316 Taka and the activation code number is *123*085#.

Robi 30 GB Video Streaming Pack

Robi has a great deal of video streaming which is 30 GB. This pack is valid for 30 days. Users will get 1 GB of data per day to use! To take this offer you have to dial *123*0219#.

Robi 7 GB + 3 GB Bonus

The package price is 649 Taka. The offer will be validated for 30 days after the purchase! The data pack volume is 7 GB and there is an extra 3 GB bonus. That means it has 10 GB data in it! The activation code is *123*7168#.

Robi MB Offer 2019

Robi also has mini internet data packs. This is called as Robi Mini Pack 2019. We have collected the newest MB offer by Robi telecom. Sometimes users need to have small data packages at a low cost. So, we have gathered all the latest Robi Mini Internet Packs 2019.

Robi 10 MB Pack

10 MB is the most popular mini internet pack. It can be taken by 3.44 BDT. The offer can be used for a day after purchasing it! To take this pack dial *123*004#.

Robi 45 MB 12 Taka

Users can take this offer by spending only 12.2 Taka. The mini pack volume is 45 MB. The data pack validity is 1 day. Dial *123*782# to take the pack.

Robi 200 MB 20 Taka

This data pack volume is 200 MB. The value of this mini internet data pack is 20 Taka. It will be validated for 1 day after the purchase! To activate it dial *123*0020#.

Robi 8 Taka 200 MB

This pack data size is also 200 MB. It can be taken by users by spending only 8 Taka! It will be validated for 1 day after the purchase! To get this mini pack dial *123*200#.

Robi 350 MB 18 Taka

This pack will be available for use 28 days after the purchase day. The purchase rate is 18.26 Taka. Offer pack volume is 350 MB. The activation code is *123*56#.

Robi 350 MB Facebook, WhatsApp

Users can use this pack only for using Facebook and WhatsApp! It is a Robi Social Pack 2019. The pack is 350 MB. The price is 18.26 BDT! Get activated by dialing to *123*250#. The offer validity is 28 days.

500 MB + 500 MB Bonus

In this offer, customers will buy 500 MB data and will get 500 MB more as bonus data. The pack cost is 119 Taka, and the validity is 30 days. To get the offer dial *123*0119#.

Robi 1 GB at 9 Taka only

This offer is available for those users who have bought new Robi SIM card. To avail, this offers new users have to recharge 34 Taka for the first time. New users also can make available this offer by doing easyload of 54 Taka. This offer will be available for the next 16 months. Users only need to recharge 9 Taka once in a month.

Robi Unlimited Internet Package 2019

The Robi telecom also has unlimited data plans. Right now, there is no Robi Internet Unlimited Package 2019 available! But there are so many mega packs available like unlimited and we have already added it above! You can take these offers as unlimited data plans.

Robi Free Internet Offer 2019

There is Robi Free Internet available. You can not get a lot of free data from any telecom company in Bangladesh. But you can still use Facebook and Messenger for free! If there are any free data available we would write it here but now there are no free offers available now. If we find nee free data pack we will list here in no time!

Robi Night Internet Pack 2019

Robi Night Pack is now also available. This offer gets updated regularly by Robi. We got a recent night pack and listing it here! The night pack volume is 2 GB. The price of this pack is 36 Taka. The offer will be validated 3 days after the purchase. Users can use this offer from 12:00 AM to 10:00 AM. The activation code number is *123*0239#. Hurry up it will change soon!

Robi Internet Handset Setting

To set the Robi internet you have to do a little work. You just need to do what we instructed here! First of all, go to your APN setting from the settings of your device! Create a new Access Point Name (APN). The name must be set “Robi-INTERNET”. Now save the new APN and enjoy using the Robi Internet!

Here we have shared all the latest Robi Internet Offers 2019. If Robi releases some new offers we will list is here as soon as we can! So, keep visiting us to get the latest internet offers by Robi!

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You will find here all the latest information about a thing on our website! Keep visiting us regularly to increase your knowledge!

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