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Rick Genest Net Worth 2021- Height, Weight, Salary, Biography & Age

Rick Genest, famous Canadian TV actor, is known to many of us for his starring role as ” Rick Genest” on the popular television series Ripper. But did you know that Mr. Genest is much more than a picture-perfect role model? He is actually worth billions of dollars today! How much does Rick Genest usually earn per year?

Rick Genest Net Worth

Rick Genest Net Worth is $5 Million

Rick Genest net worth, date, age, height, and weight, all factor into this estimation. Rick Genest has been the center of constant speculation since he was a teenager. His name has become synonymous with the show Ripper, which remains on Canadian television every Tuesday nights. So, how much do we really know about Rick Genest & does Lady Gaga truly have the most substantial net worth of anyone in the music industry?

Rick Genest Full Biography

Full Name Rick Genest
Net Worth $5 Million
Date of Birth 1985–2018
Age 32 Years
Contact Number Unknown

Let’s begin with an understanding of the definition of wealth itself: The total value of all the goods and services that one possesses at any time. Rick Genest’s net worth as of this writing is in excess of six billion Canadian dollars (U.S. dollars) by today’s standards. This would make Rick Genest a very rich man indeed.

The question of course is how much of that wealth is accumulated by the member of the general public? How much more wealthy is Rick Genest than the lady in the rompouse? Lady Gaga is not rich, but she has certainly made herself quite a bit of money over the years. How much more rich is Rick Genest than the lady in the rompouse?

The answer to that question might be tricky. Some people say there is no way to measure net worth, as all that is valuable in life is intangible while some believe that only cash value exists. If either of these thoughts is true, then Rick Genest is the winner! He’s the richest guy on earth!

We may never find out the true net worth of Rick Genest. His current wealth may be subject to the vagaries of his current fame and career. His record label partners, such as Def Leppard and Celine Dion, are worth billions, while he continues to tour and perform to the best of his ability. While we won’t get a definitive answer to the question ‘how much does Rick Genest actually have’, we can safely say that Rick Genest is a rich guy indeed!

The real issue we should be asking ourselves is what would a rich guy do with an ample fortune? Rick Genest might take the money he earned and squander it. He might go on a major spending spree, buying fancy cars and living in the lap of luxury. He might even throw his money around like a cowboy on a dirt road, only to lose it all when a storm comes up.

But what would Rick Genest do if he lost everything? He might decide to call it quits, retire and spend the rest of his life trying to figure things out. Or he might decide to continue making music, working with his band, and never see his real net worth in the eyes of anyone else. He may decide that being rich is just good for business. But whichever route Rick Genest takes, we can be sure that he is not a poor fellow after all!


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