Recently New Apple Ad is an verse to our working-from home hellscape

Recently, Apple’s award-winning for the seven-minute sequel in 2019. And before time short is like a mini-sitcom. The name of the ad is The Underdogs. The ragtag group of office workers publishes the critical condition, and the engineer tries to solve the management pizza box design. Basically, it was the Office. Once again, here we rejoin under the quarantine condition with the crew. And there is little pressure to deliver big ideas.

This is the reality of work from the home, Apple completes every style with the family such as interruptions, kids, parents, no pants, video conference awkwardness, and Facetime calls. Here is the whole team to come up with the best plan to break the pizza box remotely. It is very confidential from before time. A fun mini-sitcom of high-quality casting, and we try to fit in with everyone.

It is very dark & depressing, and that is not apple fault. Cause some of the productivity level challenges from home, it very hard to maintain cause in this pandemic condition (COVID-19) everyone gets to stress about spousal relations, living with children & full-time work with full-time family parenting. Apple provide the best tools to make the work easier. But there is an unsustainable work model with mines comedy.

Maybe it will overcome with a light heart just 30 seconds. Progressive’s Flo going to the zoom mode, and it gives us seven-minute to think whole things. The darkness is rising with the boss Vivienne, and it highlights the comfort of the rich. So, dialing from the back otherwise barking the poolside.

What should do Dove if the school doesn’t open again in the fall?. It is very bad news for Dove. In the end, look at his face it looks like a disheveled bathroom, and it is not long term creative productivity.

Sameer Mitha

Sameer Mitha lives for gaming and technology is his muse. When he isn’t busy playing with gadgets or video games he delves into the world of fantasy novels.
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