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Raya And The Last Dragon Full Movie Review

Raya is an orphaned human girl who lives in a small fishing village on the eastern coast of Pakistan. She has no friends or family and has been trained to be a healer by her Uncle Saleh. When her best friend disappears while on a fishing trip, Raya is thrust into a world of magic and adventure as she tries to retrace her friend’s footsteps and find her way back to Pakistan. But when the evil witch Craitsech is released from her magically sealed crystal prison and begins to wreak havoc on the world, Raya must use all of her magical knowledge and skills to battle her enemy.

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Raya And The Last Dragon Full Movie Review

Long ago, in the imaginary world of Kumarra, dragons and humans lived together in perfect harmony. But when an evil sorceress named Craitsech wreaked havoc on the world, the powerful wizards desperately needed someone to defeat her. So they asked Raya to travel with them and become their new recruit. But when she was captured by the Druun, she soon realizes that the magic they sought is only available to the pure-hearted. Raya and the last dragon full movie free download

As a healer, Raya has special training in healing others and restoring their powers. When her cousin Riza prepares for a party to honor her turn as a healer, her sister Hina arrives to help. Hina knows Riza has special skills so she joins her in planning the event. On the day of the party, however, a storm suddenly breaks out and sends Riza and Hina into the forest. There, they are attacked by two packs of dragon spawn. As they fight, they learn that their fates are intertwined and they must work together to survive. Raya and the last dragon full movie download in english.

raya and the last dragon

The Last Dragon is based on the true story of Riza Harcourt. In this movie, she plays the role of a healer who has been cast out of society. After being banished to the fringe of society, she has to find a way to make herself useful in the world. With her newfound skills and powerful magic, she sets out to travel the world. Along the way, she meets different people and learns the meaning of love and friendship.

The movie starts out as most animated movies do, with some humor from Riza’s cousin Yusef, who tries to convince her to go on a mission to bring back an ancient dragon known as Zu. However, when Riza arrives in his little village, she realizes there were no dragons to be found, so she decides to set off to find one on her own. What she doesn’t know is that dragons run rampant in this part of the world, and she soon finds herself in trouble. This movie is not just a comedy, but it also deals with some serious issues, like friendship and love.

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The story focuses on three unlikely characters – Riza, her cousin Saleem, and Yusef, who also happen to be the only other humans in this part of the world. They quickly realize that they have to help each other if they ever want to survive. They even learn that dragons have weaknesses that any other creature should not be able to see, which makes for an interesting plotline.

The animation in this movie is very good. There is not too much going on, but when it does, it is very clear. The character designs are very detailed and I found myself laughing at many points. The style of the animation is more than adequate, although I would have liked to see more detail on some of the aspects of Saleem’s character.

This movie was directed by Shimit Amin, who is better known for his works in the television genre, but this movie was directed by Noam Gagnon, who is best known for his features. Regardless, this is still a great movie. The story will get you hooked on the second half, when the dragons start to talk. The fighting scenes are intense. This is a must-see movie.


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