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Ravi Vallathol Net Worth 2022- biography, Income & Salary

Ravi Vallathol’s net worth was mentioned many times in the media, but how did he come to be as famous as he is today? Where did his life start from? How much does Ravi Vallathol earn per year? Ravi has always been known for his distinct voice, so what do we know about Ravi Vallathol’s career? Ravi earned his first big break at the early age of sixteen, when Ravi Vallathol rose from serving in the Army to become one of the top comedy writers on screen in India.

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Ravi Vallathol Net Worth

Ravi Vallathol Net Worth is $1 million – $3 million

Ravi’s early roles include KISS, Rock Band, Bridget Jones Diary, DVA, Home Shopping, Man on the Moon, and several others. He rose to stardom with his performance in the action-comedy film Bridget Jones Diary. His other popular action/comedy movies are Man on the Moon, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Ravi has also acted in a number of films directed by him such as Mulan, Million Mile High, A Place in the Sun, and many more. If Ravi was to create an annual list of his best films, it would include some of the best comedy/action flicks ever made.

Ravi’s other interesting net worth trivia includes Ravi’s being

Ravi Vallathol Full Biography

Full Name Ravi Vallathol
Net Worth $1 million – $3 million
Date of Birth 1952–2020
Age 67 Years
Contact Number Unknown

a dual citizen of both India and America. Ravi was born in Pitampura, India and later on moved to America. Ravi Vallathol is of Indian decent but American citizenship is what allowed Ravi to take up the citizenship of the USA. Ravi Vallathol’s other three movies that were directed by Ravi include Yoga, Baba Ganoumi, and Invictus.

Ravi Vallathol’s other interesting biography includes how Ravi Vallathol first became an actor and then into a director. Ravi says that he always had a keen interest in acting since he was very young. Ravi says that he had a good relationship with his father since Ravi’s birth but that he didn’t start acting seriously until he was sixteen years old. Ravi then went on to study theater in Chennai and London. Ravi then went on to become a well known Indian TV actor and a prolific writer/filmmaker.

Ravi’s net worth is believed to be nearly one million dollars. However, this income is believed to only be a part of his true earnings as an actor. Ravi states that he receives much more money from writing a book or making a feature film. Ravi also stated that he gets paid by the hour for various programs on TV and in commercials. Ravi’s other biographical facts include the fact that he has worked with some very famous people such as Marlon Brando, Richard Nixon and Clint Eastwood.

This is all according to Ravi’s bio, which was provided on his website. Ravi then goes on to talk about how he began earning money after leaving school when he was twenty-two years old. However, it is not clear how much of an income Ravi actually makes from directing. The only thing is that Ravi did say that he got paid by the hour for a talk show that he did for a company called Kastu Network. Ravi Vallathol Net Worth is certainly something worth researching further. Check out Ravi Vallathol’s website to view all his information on this interesting career.


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